Thursday, June 10, 2010

Band Camp, Some More

While we're on the subject

and while my camera is away being repaired

and since I have kazillion old photos - I mean - a lot!

I might as well show anyone who read yesterday's post

what band camp looked like in Auburn, in 1955-56-57

Just a few.

First, a disclaimer:  It is often said that in posting on blogs - the writer will not be transparent about failure, about shortcomings, just about the way "it" really is - perfect mother, perfect friend, perfect grandmother - even when we're making an effort to be transparent - well - who's gonna give the whole story?  I'll tell you right now - you're gonna have to take my word for it - this blogger is so insanely ordinary and not spectacular and, and, and.....well - it's probably gonna stay pretty general.  Unless God gets specific about telling me to "air dirty laundry" - it's not that easy or wise to do - but - I'm willing to answer questions and be honest.  Got any questions?  

But this disclaimer isn't about that - what I wanted to say is - my pride really rears its very ugly head, and this could be a pun, when it comes to bad pictures.  Trouble is, most of my pictures are bad.  I don't mean I always look bad, but just, darn it, not photogenic.  The camera catches me in the weirdest faces. We all know that some people look better in pictures than they do in real life.  Well, the flip side is, and I hope hope hope this is so - that some of us look better in real life than in pictures.  If I look better in pictures than in real life - well - just don't anybody tell me.  Again - my pride - I'm not that broken yet.  I guess I am - I can handle it.  I'm getting closer to heaven everyday and I'll be gorgeous there.

Anyway - do any of us want to put up a bad photo?  Not this girl - and  the good ones are hard to find.

So - out of respect for my dear mom and dad - and for the love of their memory - I hate putting up bad pictures of them - and these old ones  - styles were really different - and - well - I've looked for the best ones.  There were a lot that weren't the best - I nixed them.

Whew!  That was a long disclaimer.  It was a whole post!

So - band camp and what life looked like there, in Auburn, when I was missing Daddy in Evergreen, AL.
Here they are practicing - and yeah - are you like me?  Do those majorettes have on bathing suits?

Next Picture, below:
My Dad is 2nd from the right. 4th from the left.
with band directors from Florala, Enterprise, Anniston and Elmore County.
Wonder what they're talking about and what each one is thinking.
Looks like the BD from Elmore County on the far right is telling something, and their eyes are on him.
But what are they thinking?
It's band camp, it's competition, it's men.
Interesting, the body language.

In the next picture:
The guy looking back, with sunglasses, is Bill Haynes.
During the season when students' parents bought them instruments, 
Bill Haynes was a fixture in our house and at the bandroom.
He worked for Art's Music Store in Montgomery.
Our car went straight to that store in downtown Montgomery during those years - when we made our pilgrimage to Montgomery via highway 31.
Bill Haynes could play the clarinet very well - which I realized in a surprised sort of way when he performed with our band during practice one day.  I thought he just sold instruments. 
Of course he was a musician.  It had never occurred to me.

More practice - again- the majorettes - Is that the earliest version of the stadium, there in the background?

The 1956-57 band - the one Daddy took to camp - when I missed him so - and all the other ones too -
until I grew too old to think he was the only love of my life.  That would probably be 1st grade, when I became aware of C. W.

And while we're on the subject of bands - below is Daddy's first band in Holly Springs, MS.
He was fresh out of Northwestern University.  December 14th, 1939 is handwritten on the back of the photo, and that is 26 year old Frank Wilkerson (Dad) on the front row, left - in the suit.

for some reason, I love this next picture.
While Daddy is still younger than I ever remember - I think it's 1947 -
I recall the lowered head - when he turned around after a performance, for a slight bow.
In the middle row, 3rd from left is my aunt, Mary.  She probably knew Daddy before Mother did.
She was still in school when Mother met "the new band director, Frank Wilkerson".

and the 1962-63 band.  I know so many of these people.
The head majorette is my cousin, Suzanne.
The one who has been in many of my recent "cousin" posts.
I suppose this is as large as any EHS band grew.
Wasn't big - but for us - in those days - it was good.
Andalusia, we knew, had a bigger band.
T.R. Miller?  I think maybe.
then the city ones - well - and we didn't' even know there was a place called Scottsboro, AL. At least, I didn't.

How can I not include my senior year?  In color!!!
I'm finally a majorette - after 2 tryouts I made it on the 3rd.
I'm on the right - third from the right, middle row.

That's it.

Wonder when they're gonna have my camera ready?  2 to 3 weeks?
Whoa - lots of delving into the past!

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