Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Today I'll share how I love Quinoa.

I have had it before, and liked it, but had not made it a staple.

We had dinner with friends the other night and I wanted to eat the whole bowl of their Quinoa, the way they had prepared it.

I heard her husband ask, as I was conversing with another guest, "Sue, do I just pour these vegetables in with the Quinoa?"  and she answered, "Yes".  Didn't give that much  thought as I continued to talk.

When I helped myself, at the table, as the bowl was passed to me, I took notice and really, really took notice when I ate it.  So good.  It had different diced vegetables in it (carrots were visible because of their orange color) and so light tasting and so yummy.  It went so well with their grilled salmon and grilled asparagus.  So good.  Note to self:  Buy Quinoa and make it the same way, although I didn't ask what they had done.  I forgot to ask.

Following Monday I was in Huntsville and at a new grocery store which is a lot like Trader Joe's (not as good, though)  BUT - I looked for the Quinoa.  And they had a red kind.  That got my attention.  I only knew about the yellow version.  Dark seemed like it would be even tastier.  Got it and read on the box - yep - told how to add diced veggies of my choosing when I put the Quinoa in the water to cook. I didn't have carrots.  I had celery, onion and garlic and grape tomatoes. Oh, and some fresh green beans.  I finely chopped a few of those.  So good.  Just takes a little bit of veggies - don't want to over power.  I may have put in 1 or 2 chicken bouillon cubes for added flavor.  There was no oil at all.

We had some fresh cucumbers and next day, when the leftover Quinoa was cold, I diced a lot of cucumber into a bowl and tossed it with the leftover Quinoa - as a cold salad.  Very good!!

I really really liked the red Quinoa.  I think I prefer it.  But I like both.

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