Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Second Day of the Week

Mondays and Fridays and Saturdays and Sundays have such a distinct place in the week.

Monday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday - they stand out -

But what about Tuesday or Thursday or Wednesday.

Wednesday is significant for it's middle spot.

In college we called it Hump Day.  It was downhill in a good way, after Wednesday.  Coasting toward the weekend.

I like Tuesday.  It still seems new - maybe I didn't change the world on Monday like I thought I would, but there's still plenty of possibility for Tuesday.

And how does Tuesday look today from my perspective?

I don't have my camera.  We finally took it to Best Buy yesterday with our 3 year warranty contract and receipt for having bought it as recently as October 09.  I just think they should give me a new lens - I think we got a lemon in that lens.  It shouldn't have already messed up in the shutter speed.  My camera will be gone 2 - 3 weeks.  Looks like if I post with pictures, perhaps there might be more downloading of oldie goldies.  More looking into the past.

Andrew woke at my house this morning.  It was my idea.  Long story - but he wasn't feeling good, Ann and Steve both had different tasks to accomplish at 5:00 when we dropped Ann and Ellie off after the day in Huntsville(they rode with us - Barber guys stayed in Scottsboro - Monday is Steve's Saturday).  I just knew Andrew felt so bum and would need constant holding - so I suggested he go home with us. He did and ended up spending the night.  He's already back asleep by 8:00 - rather feverish with cold in his eyes and a cough.  

Call from New Orleans - trying to wind down Sarah's checking account here.  She's opened a new one in New Orleans - different bank - and get the panel she's sold, get it off the wall at the Veranda Cafe.  That's a ride into town - (for any city living readers of this blog - a ride into town is maybe 3 minutes.  Big deal just to "get it done")

I'm doing just a teensy small thing for Ann who is a 1st and 2nd grade VBS teacher at our church.  It all begins next Sunday evening.  I am making a faux fireplace by drawing the bricks on heavy brown paper which is available to us at the church - someone's gift of large rolls of brown paper - from their workplace.  I did get some paints and markers and sponge brushes, yesterday, to do the thing - plus foam core board to back it.  Also backing a few small items with foam core, for her display on the "fake" mantel.

Which - conjures up memories of earliest VBS days - who went?  who loved it?  I did.  My earliest memory, before any which I attended at my own church - was at the Baptist Church in Evergreen.  I went with my friend, from down the street - Jeannie Knox Livings.  Her name which we called her was a double name - Jeannie Knox.  Her mom was Jean.  I loved it.  I was hooked on VBS - but it was simple stuff then - VBS - My first time to learn the song, "Zaccheus was a wee little man and a wee little man was he - he climbed up in the sycamore tree, for the Lord he wanted to see - for the Lord he wanted to see - and the Lord said, 'Zaccheus, you come down! for I'm going to your house today' - 'for I'm going to your house today' ".  We also glued something on something.  I think cotton onto some picture - and we played outside and we had refreshments.  I loved it.

From then on, it was VBS at my church.  And as a teenager I helped with it.  And as a college student at home during the summer, I helped with that.  I loved it all - but it stopped there for me and I never thought about VBS again - until it showed up again when my girls came of age.  I really had forgotten all about it.  I sent Ann and Laura Beth to Calvary's one summer and after that I couldn't NOT help with it.  My first year to help was the summer after Sarah was born.  I was helping in a room right across from the nursery and I would run across the hall to nurse her quite a bit.  I no longer loved it the way I had in my youth and childhood.  It exhausted me - but over the years I continued to help just due to the sense of responsibility - children still loved it - and mine certainly did. But I loved it less and less.  I was becoming the VBS Scrooge.  Sad.  I recall one summer, helping, and by then Kate was with us and between 2 and 3 years of age  and NOT wanting to be anywhere but with me.  At one point I heard screaming and looked toward the door and one of Kate's teachers was carrying her with Kate's back bowed, trying to calm her down.  I guess Kate had tried to escape and get in my room.  The poor teacher looked exhausted and all I could do was mouth, "I'm sorry".  with a frowny face.
Kate enjoyed VBS as she got older...I think....didn't you, Kate?

So - here we are - and VBS has become quite the production - at least in the Baptist world. Whoa.
I'm just making a mantel for Ann and keeping Andrew next week while everyone does VBS.

I don't really have a four - okay - and probably won't knock out huge projects which I've planned - or begin in my late 50's a breathtaking art career which I've been planning since I graduated from Auburn - but it's just Tuesday - and I will get to nurture my little Andrew while he's with me and I just know I'll see my firstborn's face sometime today - my 2nd, 3rd and 4th born are not in town on this day - and with all of that I'll get to laugh with Ellie and Luke, surely, and probably console just a pinch when little bits don't get their way - (wish Ada and John were here)  Plus, with all of that, Charlie comes home every night and we get to spend time together - and enjoy something simple on TV - usually, except I did buy two new novels yesterday which I am so excited about and I just remembered them!  

But with all of that - there's always Wednesday.  As Mother always said, "tomorrow hasn't been touched".  She said with much promise and hope.

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Such wisdom! And I do love VBS, still do!