Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I Am Going to Post Something New

Just to get off the old post

I have as of this morning taken pictures to put up here.

I can't do it now - but - before this day ends

I would like to show what it looks like for Ada and John to be here.

also want to tell about the INCREDIBLE book I'm reading and am about finished.

EASY read.  I want to read it over and over and get it in my head

and beseech God to reveal to me once and for all

the idols in my life that misplace HIM.

I want to move them out.  OUT.

That's later.  Really want to get back to my morning coffee and finish this book.

John's sleeping.  Ada is occupied.  Laura Beth is getting ready to go to the dentist.

Kate is "working".

Has anyone read her blog?  Lilies of the Field  or more relevant her other blog, Pilgrim Days, which is about her new RUF intern assignment.  She is now employed by Reformed University Fellowship and has certain book and study assignments and reports, etc.  She leaves in August to go to Wake Forest University.  We say that by faith because she can't go unless she has raised her assigned level of support money.  But it has all the appearances of God leading her into this so we trust He will work out the support.  By working, she has a lot to do on her laptop and a lot to do with her nose either in a book or the bible.  Plus there are summer weddings to be in or to attend or to direct.

I missed my opportunity to finish reading.  Ada has just showed up with a book she wants me to read to her.  I'm just glad she's here.

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