Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday Morning

Welcome Monday.
Welcome New Week.
Welcome New Day.
Fresh Start,
And new summer, in June.

Thank you rain
And thank you God for the rain
And thank you flowers for growing
And thank you God for the flowers that grow after the rain.

I'm sorry on this day when I'm glad,
that someone isn't.
I pray for their heart and their trial and whatever it is.
I pray for them to have God's hands and arms, holding.
I wish I could help.  If I can I will.  

I'm grateful for Kate.
And for Sarah.
And for Ann.
And for Laura Beth.
Thank you, God, for giving them to  Charlie and me.
I'm so glad they love You.
I'm so glad Scott and Steve love You and that they are faithful to my two daughters.
I pray for whomever will love Sarah and Kate, that they will be cared for, today, by You.

I'm grateful for Ellie and Luke 
and Ada and Andrew
and John.  I pray that they will love You.
I pray for all the others, that they will love You.

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