Saturday, June 5, 2010

And Now...a Summer Afternoon...June and Hot!

I don't have a pool.  I have sprinklers and old tubs.  It's Saturday.  Steve is working on "tomorrow".  Ann apologetically comes to my house.  She needn't apologize.  I'd do it too, if my mom were in town and I had 3 children who needed to get away from the television, plus the mom needing some adult communication - because don't forget, Kate is here also.  It's a very hot day and the kids need activity plus not much sun due to tender skin.  My hydrangeas need water, even though they've gotten plenty of rain.  They wilt on any given day without rain.  So here is what our Saturday afternoon looked like, and Andrew, who LOVES the bathtub, doesn't trust water outside.  He had to get used to it....and with Near by his side....Near is Elizabeth, me, myself, I.

And then they went home.  Kate is joining them for dinner.  Charlie and I have been asked out for dinner...yay!.....and that is our Saturday.


LB said...

I can't say it enough--we wish we were there!!! I am feeling a bit homesick:) But, alas, it's not meant to be right now.

Mary Ann said...

Oh, Liz, such great pictures!! Thanks so much for posting them. The ones of you and Andrew are really good.