Thursday, June 3, 2010

Early Evening in June

Favorite Things and What I Like to Remember?  Early evenings outside in the summer, after dinner - still time to play but not so hard - just easy - I love the outside in June - even if it is hot, but it's not so much at dusk - even if the bugs do nibble at my ankles. They love me, the bugs.   After a simple dinner of baked chicken, black eyed peas, cooked potatoes and broccoli - we all went outside - just to go outside.  Ellie, Luke, and Ann had been swimming with a friend from 12:00 to about 3:00.  Makes for tired kiddos and mom.  We're all glad Steve will return, although late, late, in the evening from a week in Arizona speaking at a camp.  Luke is excited about the "Guh-prise" (surprise) which Steve will bring him.  He's also excited to see his dad.  He hates for him to be gone.  I hate for my dad to be gone too.  I miss him.

I love June.


LB said...

oh man, makes me wish I lived right there in Scottsboro. We can't wait for our visit at the end of June!!!

rhodes1 said...

I agree Laura Beth. This makes me homesick. Is Andrew officially walking finally?

ESS the MESS said...
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ESS the MESS said...

I deleted the first post I made because of so many misspellings!!!

...Love this post!! Makes me remember being outside on summer nights when the air was just starting to cool off and the lighting bugs were out. Your flowers are beautiful. When your peonies were blooming I was tempted to come and just look at them for awhile!!!