Monday, June 14, 2010

Just When I Thought I Wouldn't Have a Monday Post...

I was up in my closet,

looking for a piece of give Kate who has never had a sewing lesson...

but bought fabric and a pattern to make a bag...

That's my Kate!!

Let's just dive in head first and see what happens.

Anyway - the following photos were "hanging around" in my closet because I had located them at an earlier date when Laura Beth had posted on her blog about Ada's fascination with bandaids and how she'd placed them all over herself and John.

She's also posted or either told me over the phone about Ada and her backwards shoes and being determined to dress herself and wearing shirts inside out and wanting to do it HERSELF!

Here are my 2 photos....  I know she was 3, because she was so hot natured - her hair stayed so wet and stringy(she got sweaty), that I had it cut really short, when she was 3.  Here she is with an Auburn shirt on backwards, a slip under the shirt, shorts, you can see one bandaid, if you look closely, on the side of her thigh at the hem of her shorts - she had dressed herself - and the look on her face?  Don't even think about taking the bandaids off, nor changing my clothes, and look at what I can do!

turned around, you see the front of the shirt,
the bandaids on the back of her legs,
and the natural curls on the back of head.

Can I go back to this place just for a day?

Now, Laura Beth, I know you're reading this blog.
This is you, where Ada is now.

Tell me, can you really grow impatient with this child?

I know, I know.  I did.  I wish I hadn't.

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