Wednesday, August 27, 2008

If anyone is reading this post for the first time, which has to be a must have taken a wrong turn in cyberspace and ended up here.... I'd offer you a cup of coffee if I could...

Anyway, if this is your first time here - or for those of you who have forgotten why I titled my blog what I did - I want to remind you - I love what my granddaughter, Ellie, hears when she has learned the names of her 3 favorite Disney ladies. Instead of Cinderella, Little Mermaid and Sleeping Beauty, she says what my title reads. I don't want to forget that. I actually remember some of my mispronunciations from when I was Ellie's age. I've written that I was part of a large extended family, living in Evergreen, AL.
[Even the abbreviation is different than it used to be. It used to be Evergreen, Ala. I don't know who decides to change those things, but they did. All states have 2 capital letters for the abbreviation. Missississipi used to be Miss. California might have been Calif. I think it was. Anyway, it was all different and too slow to write, I suppose, for our fast world -
so now here we are.]
Sidetracked! I remember that one of my uncles, Waynard Price, would always ask me, "Elizabeth, when is your birthday?" He loved to hear me say, "July the teenth-fourth". I didn't know that, until I learned how to say it correctly and realized why he always asked me. I have a clear memory of when he asked me, after I learned the correct pronunciation. I remember where I was standing - on the street in front of his house - 111 McMillan Street. The kids and adults spent time in that street area - it was VERY slow - almost no traffic - more walking - and it was almost as if it was their front yard. I've actually written about that address in one of my posts - I think it was the one about the Northcutt family. Anyway, he asked the question and I was ready - "July the fourteenth!". Sad. He looked disappointed, and I didn't get to hear his familiar chuckle which I love to remember - But I teased him back and told him I'd learned the right way - almost an "I gotcha back!" moment. Same uncle, Waynard, used to laugh when he heard Ann, about the age Ellie is now, call "The Gary Collins Show" (popular morning show I watched) "The Very Collins Show". He loved that. Got so tickled. He chuckled.

Back to Ellie. Her pronunciations. I love it.
So, now she is saying The Pledge of Allegiance, which I think Ann has written about on her blog - well there is more - I don't think Ann has time right now to blog - and I learned last night more of Ellie's version of The P of A. I don't have it all, but I intend to get it down on paper. The following is what I know so far.....

I pledge allegiance to my flag
of the renited states of a miracle
There's so much more and I have to get it on paper before she learns the correct way. Last night after she said it, then Luke, having no clue what she was talking about, wanted to say his version. There was some mumbling, and then he waited for our applause as we'd given it to Ellie. We did. We applauded him.
Moving On.
Time for more Diary Entries - from 1962 - my last entry I posted was August 12, 1962. So today I'll catch us up - From August 13, 1962 to August 27, 1962. We'll see what memories these entries will awaken. (let me just say, that as I enter these I am going to type exactly what I wrote, which is often a misspelled word)
Monday, August 13, 1962 - Dear Diary, I didn't go to band today. I slept to late.
Tuesday, August 14, 1962 -Dear Diary, I went to play with Jeannie B. Price today.
Wednesday, August 15, 1962 - Dear Diary, I went swimming with Connie Sue Gunter today.
Thursday, August 16, 1962 - Dear Diary, I went to band today.
Friday, August 17, 1962 - Dear Diary, Mary Ann and I fixed a boat today.
Saturday, August 18, 1962 - Dear Diary I went swimming with Rachel today. then after dinner I went to play with her.
Sunday, August 19, 1962 - Dear Diary, We ate over at Ella's today. We had a party for Mary. (my aunt)
Monday, August 20, 1962 - No Entry
Tuesday, August 21, 1962 - Dear Diary, Went to band.
Wednesday, August 22, 1962 - Dear Diary, We ate out at Mrs. Stowers tonight.
Thursday, August 23, 1962 - Dear Diary, Went to band. Daddy got my class something to eat at 4 Points.
Friday, August 24, 1962 - No Entry.
Saturday, August 25, 1962 - Dear Diary, I went to the show. 3 movies. stayed all afternoon.
Sunday, August 26, 1962 - Dear Diary, Went to Sunday School and Church.
Monday, August 27, 1962 - Dear Diary, Went to the show with mother. "Gone With the Wind"
All those names mentioned - major players in my world. I've written about some of them. Rachel is my cousin who is 2 years younger than I. We played together all of the time. Her dad was Waynard Price, whom I mentioned earlier. Her mom is my mom's sister. Again, earlier posts explain this. It was Lucille, Edith, Florence and Mary. So, in the diary entry about the party for Mary - it was Mary's birthday. I just did the math. Mary turned 30 that year. Mom was 43 in 1962. Florence was 40. Lucille was 46. I guess Ella, my grandmother was about 66 or 67. I think she was no older than 20 or 21 when she had Lucille.
Also, when I said that I played with Rachel after Dinner - I had to have meant lunch. Back then we always called lunch, dinner. Weird. I actually thought it was a "yankee" thing to call noon meal lunch. Very odd of me, but then I guess I learned that from fam.
Rachel's oldest sibling is Suzanne. Her older brother is Rusty. Rusty and my sister, Mary Ann are the same age and were in the same grades at school - not always the same teacher. Big Difference! Suzanne is 6 years older than I. She was the second grandchild born in the N'cutt family. I've written about Bert who was the first grandchild - so they carried some heirarchy - respect from the younger cousins - at least I saw it that way. I once introduced Bert to a friend as the patriarchal cousin - I think it was at mom's funeral when some of my S'boro friends were in Evergreen. I may have listed this before but here is how it goes, with birthdays. You know we're close if I remember all the birthdays. Actually, I just learned Bert's this summer. He and Susan told me he'd just turned 69. We were all aghast that he's so close to 70 and made many jokes about that. He's so funny. Some of the exact dates I know very well. I think Scott's is June 9, but I'm not positive.
1. Bert C. Summer 1939
2. Suzanne P. January 1945
3. Scott C. June 1947
4. Mary Ann W. January 16,1949
5. Rusty P. June 1949
6. Elizabeth(me) W. July 14,1951
7. Rachel P. May 14, 1953
8. John R. October 1954 - October 28, 2004
9. Jim R. December 1955 - Spring, 1959
10. Melissa R. July 16, 1958
11. Mary Claire R. February 1961
12. Edward R. June 28, 1964
There's so much I could say about each cousin and their parents. Not a one I don't love and like. Absolute Truth! I've got to close. It was much too indulgent to write this much. I have things to do.
Guess what? It's just been August 19, 2008 - and, yes, there was a b'day celebration amongst the fam for Mary. It all continues.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Now, Where Were We...........

Well, Charlie and I are back in Scottsboro.
We drove to Auburn on Saturday - arriving there about the same time that Tropical Storm "Fay" arrived. I have a huge respect for Tornadoes and for Lightning. Tropical Storms don't scare me very much. I actually like all the rain with little electrical stuff and very little threat of twisters. This whole trip was planned a week ago. We were to paint what remained to be painted, in the house that Kate is to be living in the next year or 1-1/2 years. The owner and her daughter had done the first stage of painting - her daughter is the one whom Kate is living with - Katherine Lee - Charlie and I were completing the second stage. So that all of us can "GET ON WITH OUR LIVES". I'm grateful that Charlie insisted on going with me. I said that I'd do it without him, could save money on hotel, could stay with Kate and Katherine Lee, but he had the discernment and wisdom to know that this time he needed to go. YAY!!!!! I kept saying, "What if I'd come by myself????" Just too much for me on the 4th weekend of being in Auburn, getting daughters settled. We retreated at the least expensive hotel - The Comfort Inn - I was very pleased. It was clean and simple. I didn't feel yukky about it - which I am prone to feel about even the best hotels. It was a good retreat - and good silence at the end of the day. I just loved the quiet.
TS Fay poured herself down on all of Auburn on that Saturday. There were actually Tornado warnings out the wazoo, but they didn't scare me too much. No problem. We cleaned and painted and returned to Comfort Inn that Evening after dining with Sarah and Kate who had been to a Mandatory ADPi Chapter Retreat Friday and Saturday. We had brought "stuff" to them from home, as well - one of those being my beloved drawing table which I make absolutely NO USE of - so I was delighted to give it to Sarah who is majoring in Fine Arts - She is glad to have it in her room - she does most of her work in the studio - but it still is good to have it when one needs it. - It's in her room in her apartment.
Sunday - no church for Charlie and me - I hate that sort of thing - but we had to do it - Kate went to Covenant - we started on the walls of her kitchen. WE worked until about 5:00. Faye was quiet and the day held no rain. Must have been the eye of the storm. We ate Pizza with Sarah that night at Brick Oven - wonderful!! Back to our wonderful Comfort Inn -

Monday - Finished the kitchen - Faye was back and worse. I guess it was her "backside" - not good. Torndao sirens going off in Auburn - very loud. Torrential Rain - All classes cancelled - and we painted and painted and finished and cleaned up and put all back in place - and drove away from Auburn around 5:15. Oh, and from the rain and wind on Saturday, a huge pine tree was down in Kate and Katherine Lee's back yard. Sad. Guess that will have to be addressed. :-(

We drove from South Alabama on its East Side to North Alabama - still East - I think we caught up with Fay who had left Auburn before we did. We got in a band of rain and travelled with it most of the way. UGH! So much Rain!!!

We were beyond grateful to be at home - in our home - quiet - just us - relaxing and having "down time" - There's just nothing like that.
Now it's Monday - I woke before I opened my eyes and began my "thinking" which I guess had begun from a dream I'd had. As I was "thinking" I happened to open my eyes and that was when I remembered I was AT HOME. Wonderful!!! What a great surprise - I'd actually forgotten. I just never can remember where I am these days, when I awaken. Got up, made the coffee - and began Monday. I love it.

Ann and Steve are officially in their new home. Their moving day was Friday but continued throughout the weekend. Ellie had Mother's Day Out today and I went out to their house to retrieve Lukie. He's napping right now. There is so much undoing and organizing to be done at Ann's house, but YAY - they're in.

We've had lots of rain today - no lightning - so I am going to post pictures I took of Luke sitting in my door, watching the rain. - also of Ada who was here all of last week - I miss her and her precious voice - it's hard to communicate her little word she says which means so many things - it's pronounced , "Daa?" It is in her little female baby tone and is applicable to so many questions - "what's that?" "will you repeat that?" "who is it?" "where is it?" - etc. She is a very happy baby and very sanguine - loves faces and people.
Luke watching the rain - and an occasional "big truck" if it happens by.

Also eating a fig newton

Ada, with her red hair and holding this baby so close to her face, loving it.

This dress was Laura Beth's, and Mother made it for her. I think it was LB's 2nd Easter Dress.

Ada, Laura Beth and Edith all 3 had this red hair.

That's all for today - Tomorrow I'll go back to my things to remember, although someday I'll remember when I still had girls in college, and my first grandchildren were toddlers - I am taking dinner to Ann and Steven and the children, along with returning Luke to them - need to wake him up plus make myself presentable.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Final Photos of First Day at Riverside

These are the final pictures I took of our first day at Riverside. Just give an overall impression of what it was like.
Tripp Nelson, son of Courtney and Cully Nelson
Chris and Ella Rose Hancock
Ellie on left. Arlen on Right.
The room for Bed Babies,obviously. Right now we have none, but 2 are due after Christmas.
Classroom space.

Looking out from the front windows.

The very front room. This will be used as classroom space, and Steve's Office/or Study.

Jamie and Lily Grace French, coming up the hall, from the worship center. I think that is Jason French behind them, and probably Gregory, their son is with them.

Steve, Mike Bratton, and Gerry Teal (left to right)

Charlie Rhodes. If anyone happens upon this post who doesn't know me at all - Charlie Rhodes is my husband. So, I'll refrain from writing paragraphs under this photo. This is Charlie Rhodes, my husband, the other parent of our four girls, the other grandparent to our 3 and almost 4 grandchildren.

Jeremy Woosley and Steve, still in the kitchen - and I'm trying to get candid shots.

Jeremy and Joannie Woosley, again. I have to say that we are all humbly grateful to their skills with audio technology, etc. Without them, well, I guess all announcements would have to be shouted. Funny, how in the old days, churches carried on without microphones. No video equipment, no overhead amps, whatever. These days, no way. We are very dependent on all of that. Joannie and Jeremy do it and tirelessly, seemingly without effort. He was also my hero when Ann and Steve married - making it possible for the reception to go off smoothly under the tent - adding electricity where it was needed for the lighting and for the sound and for the caterer. Yay.

Just a shot from where I was sitting - people listening to announcements, etc.

Chris Wells leading the singing. We are very proud of our pulldown screens which show the words to the songs, and which show scripture when Steve has us flipping pages. Very nice to have. I can tell that is Jamie French, Gregory and Jason French from the back.

This is Mike Bratton welcoming everyone and thanking everyone for all that they did to help get the building ready. He couldn't just stand up there and thank himself - but later Charlie did, when he did post service announcements. Mike is in building construction - actually - owner of Tennessee River Steel - His son, Ben, (prior picture of Ben and Esther) is graduated from Auburn U. in Building Science and now works with Mike. So, he saw this old run down building and had a vision for the possibilities. I never saw it in its worst condition. They say it looked impossible - but Mike knew what to do, so he led the way. Wow. I can't believe how it looks now. So comfortable and clean and pleasant. Thanks to Mike. Mary, in other pictures is his wife. We go so far back with Mike and Mary. and their two children, Ben and Beth. Again, it would take paragraphs upon paragraphs.

Donna Watwood, our pianist. Sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet, happy, always smiling, Donna Watwood. We've inherited a lot of musical talent in our new church - and eventually there should be lots of good music, glorifying God, coming from our building. We're in our babysteps stage right now.

Our first solo/duet, ever, since we started meeting as a church. In the temporary building and in this new building. That is Danielle Knox on the right. A student at U of AL. I didn't know the young man, but was told he is Barkley Smith - his dad used to be our vet before he went to full time missions. Carolyn Smith, Barkley's sister, was the age of my Laura Beth. They were gone so very long, and now the children are grown - so don't know them all. Anyway - the duet was really a blessing to me. I put the camera down quickly after this picture. Seemed inappropriate to be taking pictures. The moment was really worshipful, I thought. Danielle is the daughter of Sheila and Dan Knox. They are in our church.

People mingling after church. That's Charlie in the white shirt, standing. That's Steve talking with Jamie French. Looks like Jason French on the right, standing.

More mingling. It was much more conducive(too lazy to look up the spelling for that word) for that in our new location. People didn't seem to want to leave. I stayed and stayed. And I still had to leave for Auburn and would be gone a week.

People leaving. I just included all these photos which are so random and not great photography, because the overall idea is a sense of belonging and church body - and an "at home" feeling. Even going through that door leads to the fellowship hall - it was just fun to be there that day and hard for us to leave.

Ellie taunting Luke with her stick. She isn't hitting him. In fact, they might be laughing and playing. I don't think I would have been taking the picture if it was a fight. I think I would have been rescuing Luke from the stick. This is out front, so we had finally made it outside and trying to work our way to the cars.Ellie liked the stick she had found, so I took a picture of her with it. She wanted to take it home with her. Ann suggested she put it in a safe place for the next Sunday. Somewhere secret in the yard. She did.

That's all the pictures. All the post. For today. Can now get back to my diary entries, starting tomorrow. :-)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Fellowship Hall, Danielle Knox and Mr. Gross. The Nametags.
Feeling like a true church body, new beginnings, Sunday Morning Activity.

Martha Gross coming in the back door.

Luke, again, helping me show the perspective of the kitchen.

That's our coffee center in the background.

Sanctuary from Sound Booth. We love our new soft chairs with places for books, envelopes, etc. Oh, the luxury, after the folding metal chairs!

The Sound Booth, designed by Jeremy and Joannie Woosley. Jeremy is on the left with the blue shirt and Joannie has the blonde hair, 3rd from left, sitting. That is James Seymour standing, with the white shirt. He is Joannie's younger son. Mike Bratton is on the right, and Donna Watwood, our pianist is in the pink shirt.

Ellie has found her place to sit, although she loved the nursery area so much, she ended up staying in there.

Kellye and Ridge wells.

Emma and Misty Hancock, sitting, and Anita Ferry in the blue shirt, standing behind them. It's all dark, difficult to identify everyone.

Steve and Luke Barber

Steve and LukeAnn and Mary BrattonAnn and Elizabeth(that would be me :-)One more of us. Sorry.
Metta Parr, Mom to Arlen, Wife of Scott Parr. Ben and Esther Bratton.This hall leads out of the Worship Center into the front part of the building, toward the front door. There are 2 rooms off of it for small groups or even large groups. Taking a left before getting to the front room will lead everyone to the nursery.The nursery. We have two rooms. This, of course, is the toddler room. Left to right, Courtney Nelson and Tripp Nelson, Alice Gross with Luke Barber, and Judy Riley with, umm, can't tell who that is. Arlen Parr and Lauren ??

That's all for now. Ada and Luke are here. Ann and Laura Beth are about to go work on Ann's new house. Things are about to get out of control if I don't get off of this computer. Been working on this, on and off, for a long time. Toddlers do not appreciate adults being on the computer....unless, of course, they can punch all the buttons.

I'll do more pix later or another day.