Monday, November 29, 2010

I Don't Do Christmas Ahead of Time

I don't. 
I want to do Thanksgiving, thoroughly.
One year I tried to shop for Christmas early, and I did - but I ended up spending more money than I should because I still shopped even more during the season - so I just always start shopping after Thanksgiving. and usually I'm late on that also - especially since I no longer have to play Santa Claus.

So - I said all of that to say this....

I'm behind on the real meaning of Christmas.  

Which brings me to this and I want you to remember.

Yesterday was the first Sunday in Advent.

It begins the season when we celebrate that Christ came into the world, that if we have believed in Him and trusted Him as Lord and Savior, then He has come into us, and that He will come again.

It's a Holy Season - It's Christmas.  The word was originally Christ's Mass - which refers to the celebration of the Lord's Supper.

so I looked up Mass in reference to the church - 

Mass comes from the latin word, "missa" (dismissal)

The word dismissal suggests a mission.

It's about carrying on Jesus' mission.

so - Christmas, Christ's mass, would be Christ's mission.

He came into the world to redeem us - save us - deliver us - make us clean and clothe us in His righteousness.  Therein, we have hope and joy - and so much to celebrate.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Here Are the Pictures

Taken on this afternoon when Auburn beat Alabama in a remarkable "comeback".

Pregame Pictures - relaxed but nervous.

Charlie on the phone with his sister, Amanda, regarding the upcoming game.

Charlie's Mother - just as ready as the rest of us to see this thing through.

Game's beginning and not a good start.

Andrew and John, not interested in the game.

WE WON!!!!!!!!



Watching the comments of the coaches

We made several phone calls, to Sarah, to Amanda (again), talked to Kate, Scott Parr, ummm
Ann called Steve - lines were tied up from cell phone to cell phone - 
and here, Lib is calling her next door neighbor, Belle - and began the call with a cheer,

That's all.  Charlie wants my laptop to get to all his Auburn websites.

I Think "Blogger" Is an Alabama Fan!

I did what I said I'd do - posted during the game - but only a portion of it was actually saved as a draft.  I lost the second half of it.

I do have pictures which blogger will not let me download - what's up with that??

It was quite an afternoon - the pictures speak volumes - can't wait to show them - if I can.

WAR EAGLE!!  28-27!!

What I Plan to Post about this Afternoon

If you've read my blog posts in the past you might remember that I did this.  It was the night Laura Beth's contractions began, in the wee hours of February 8, 2010 - and I decided to post while she was in labor - complete with pictures:




Readers seemed to enjoy that particular post - and today - well - quite a bit of suspense surrounding the Auburn/Alabama game.  I was wondering how or even if to include it in my blog - what else can be said except "War Eagle!"  But I thought maybe I'd post as the game is being played.  It will be a play by play post, much like Laura Beth's labor with John's birth - and I can take pictures of all the contorted faces - the anxious faces - the happy and sad faces - within this living room - it could even be as risky taking pictures during the game as it was taking them of LB during her labor.  I could get hurt by someone - but I think I'll try it.  It will be as if I'm covering the game - or covering the Rhodes family watching the game.  And we don't even know yet, the outcome.  Yipes.   

Consider this an ad for my afternoon post to follow.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

What Our Meal Looked Like....

and our day.

I'm thankful that right now I'm sitting down....
and the kitchen is cleaned up....

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Update...or...

How It's Going So Far.
Sunday at Lunch

Lots of Artwork

Another Very Big Smile

And Tonight, the Cousins Playing Dressup

Featuring Buzz Light Year with Some Added Pink

His Wings Are a Little Heavy,
How Does Buzz Do It?