Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday Night.

After Auburn beat Georgia

and Ann went home -

well, I needed to put together tomorrow's beef casserole.

but first I did a little channel surfing -

I went back and forth between two movies.

Pearl Harbor and Notting Hill.

I really like those two movies.

Naturally - Pearl Harbor made me think of Mother and Daddy and their generation and all their emotions and the intensity of that time.  Notting Hill makes me think of the ten ka zillion unrequited love situations, especially with all the music in that movie - good grief.  But then it ends so marvelously - Everybody is happy.  Pearl Harbor is an impossible love triangle - but it's so much about intense friendship - It was that situation when what's his name was dying and Ben Affleck was telling him not to die - it was that moment that brought my tears  -  ahhh - emotional me at age 59 - here at home by myself.

and now, after putting together the casserole and cleaning up the kitchen - and it's 10:49 and I'm waiting for Charlie to get home - guess what is on TV?  Driving Miss Daisy.  I LOVE that movie, too - She is so much my grandmother - my paternal grandmother - and that world in Troy, Alabama when I visited my grandmother there.  Wow.

This seems to be a night which spirals me back to my parents, my teenager years, and my grandmother - crazy stuff.

But Auburn did win - and now - if we can just find out that Cam Newton is being honest and if we can just get through the Alabama game.  All of it is beginning to pale and get rather smudged.  All the fun we were having - and now, it's not as much fun as it was.  At least not to me.

Saturday Night.

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