Friday, November 26, 2010

What I Plan to Post about this Afternoon

If you've read my blog posts in the past you might remember that I did this.  It was the night Laura Beth's contractions began, in the wee hours of February 8, 2010 - and I decided to post while she was in labor - complete with pictures:




Readers seemed to enjoy that particular post - and today - well - quite a bit of suspense surrounding the Auburn/Alabama game.  I was wondering how or even if to include it in my blog - what else can be said except "War Eagle!"  But I thought maybe I'd post as the game is being played.  It will be a play by play post, much like Laura Beth's labor with John's birth - and I can take pictures of all the contorted faces - the anxious faces - the happy and sad faces - within this living room - it could even be as risky taking pictures during the game as it was taking them of LB during her labor.  I could get hurt by someone - but I think I'll try it.  It will be as if I'm covering the game - or covering the Rhodes family watching the game.  And we don't even know yet, the outcome.  Yipes.   

Consider this an ad for my afternoon post to follow.


Laura Forman said...

can't wait to read about your play by play! :) definitely take pics!

rhodes1 said...

I wonder how Dad's going to feel about you taking pictures as we're playing Alabama. Maybe he'll be oblivious.