Wednesday, November 10, 2010

'Tis the Season.....

for folks to start picking up sick bugs - for little people to start getting sick.

Over at Laura Beth's blog/post she writes about John's pink eye.

Yesterday Ann brought Ellie, Luke and Andrew over while she went to get her hair cut.  I hadn't seen Ellie since Sunday which was day 2 of her cold/laryngitis/fever situation - I thought she was probably nearly clear of it now.  I could see cold all in her face and eyes and raw skin from blowing and sneezing.

Just like Laura Beth I couldn't get a good camera shot of how her head and face looked so filled with the cold virus - but below, she's never too sick to do art work.  She's addicted to it.

Luke was watching TV and after these pictures were taken he noticed those two little marker spots on the couch next to him.  They are new ones.  Ellie accidentally got them on there, Sunday, when she was resting on my couch, when we both missed church.
Luke asked me all kinds of questions about them.

I explained that Ellie had done it - it was an accident - he wanted more details and finally asked me, "Were you mad at her?"  I answered that no, I was not.  Then he immediately said, in his low, monotone voice, "Just frustrated?"  I got so tickled.  Frustrated must be the alternate emotion in their house for mad.  He seemed quite familiar with it.

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LB said...

I've been meaning to comment on how funny/cute Luke's comment was. And that last picture of him--so Luke!!!