Friday, November 5, 2010

I've Been Home Since Yesterday

No longer in Evergreen....

I left yesterday morning at 6:00 AM.  Know why I left so early?  So I could have morning coffee with my friend, Beth Baldwin, in Tallassee, AL.  And I had to leave NO LATER than 9:30.  So - I loved leaving in the dark in order to get to her kitchen and have conversation and hot coffee - by 8:00 AM.

It would require several posts to explain Beth - she is unique - we are blessed in our friendship - although long distance - we continue to be in the same stages of life at the same time - so we bounce thoughts off of each other.  Not only did I visit with Beth, but I saw her beautiful beautiful daughter, Hope, who lives close by, and Hope's two precious children, Anna Beth and Charlie.  Hope and Ben, her husband, are building  a new house really close to where they all live - so we looked through the framed house.  All so exciting.

I left, having stolen a few minutes beyond my 9:30 deadline - no matter.

arrived in Scottsboro - 1:30 pm

Did the reentry thing -

This morning - out to Ann's - helped her get ready for this weekend.

At Riverside, tomorrow, we're having a "Ladies' Fall Luncheon" and the speaker is a close friend of Ann and will be staying with Ann and Steve for the weekend.  Ann needed to be at the church preparing for the luncheon - so I was at her house getting it ready for guests.

And now at home, my house.  I spoke with Sarah who has had two really good days in Evergreen at the Bank with her Art Show/Sale.  I think she loves my little hometown and sees it in a whole new light - other than it's where she visits family for a few days.

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