Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Something to Share - Something to Pray About - Something to Do

go to this precious link

and go to this place

or just go to this post written from Thailand which is where I found the other links and there's more -

to either have your heart stirred to continue praying for the orphans in the world


she gives 5 practical things that can be done from your living room (or wherever you are as you explore your internet world) to help children who live in poverty or who have no parents.

It is so apparent that God is stirring the heart of His church, His bride, to embrace children all over the world.  I'm amazed - I read about it everywhere.  We might call it a trend - but I believe it's the breath of God breathing in our hearts so much compassion - praying alone is powerful - and then He gives us the privilege to also do something.

I recommend starting with that link at the top which I have again pasted here and see an adorable African child singing about how God loves her.  Praise God that she knows it.  I wonder how many haven't been told or shown.

I purchased the CD for $10.00 at this link named Run-A-Muck.  Read this post and it will tell you how to make the purchase.   The money supports the adoption of a little girl named Beautiful.

None of this is very much, nor is it very difficult, nor does it stretch me very much - it stretches my heart and makes me want to save every hurting child - and it reminds me to pray - I'm so grateful for my 4 birth daughters - and my 5 grandchildren and the ones yet to be born and possibly adopted - so - there we are.  Just wanted to share all of that.  It's stuff I run across in the blog world.

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