Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wasps, Cleaning, and Playing

We have wasps in our house.
in our living room.

Charlie had the day off - Veteran's Day - so we tried to discover where the wasps are coming in - and we did that by cleaning our very large window in our living room - where the wasps are congregating.  

It's a very tall window and the collected dust was out of hand - so it only made sense to clean while we had the ladder inside.

It meant everything being topsy turvy for a while.
I was thrilled it was all getting done.

Edith and her girls - (Mary Ann and I)
and if you look closely - you can see Charlie's reflection in the glass - cleaning.
Mother loved getting these kinds of things accomplished.
I do too - don't you?

This half-moon window is where the wasps are congregating.  Charlie vacuumed about 4 or 5 while he was up on the ladder.  Never did see where they are coming in.  But the windows are clean.

 This white insert goes back against the window.  and the blue vacuum?  that's where the wasps were being detained.

Couldn't resist this next picture.

and then Ann and Ellie and Luke and Andrew came over and we were done with our project.

So we all went outside - the late afternoon was so pleasant -

and I showed them how to make a leaf playhouse.

Have you ever done that?

It was getting dark - so we went in.
Charlie was grilling hamburgers.
and hot dogs.
Steve's out of town and Ann and children are spending the night with us.


rhodes1 said...

I can barely stand how beautiful that tree is. If I'm still here next year, I will take off two weeks and come home for fall.

Mary Ann said...

The tree is beautiful. Also, loved the leaf playhouse, and the pix of the children. Andrew is growing up and is now a little boy (awwwww).