Saturday, February 27, 2010

Small Serious Post Until I Can Think of Ordinary Stuff to Write About

How to live like Christ

“It is no good giving me a play like Hamlet or King Lear, and telling me to write a play like that. Shakespeare could do it — I can’t. And it is no good showing me a life like the life of Jesus and telling me to live a life like that. Jesus could do it — I can’t. But if the genius of Shakespeare could come and live in me, then I could write plays like this. And if the Spirit could come into me, then I could live a life like his.”

- William Temple

I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.  The life I live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me.  Galatians 2:20

Friday, February 26, 2010


So, here's the serious post I had as a draft.  I wrote it two days ago - but it expresses my heart and how it feels to be so human and in this fallen world - even as believers - redeemed, we find ourselves in these insane, dramatic conflicts due to our self. I'll try to get back to more lighthearted stuff next post.


We're all broken.

Some of us have enough tape wrapped around our situation that we've convinced ourselves that we are whole, on our own, in our own strength, and with the help of the stuff we count as holding us together.  The only thing whole about any of us is if the Holy God, Creator, Father, has indwelt us with His Holy Spirit.  Even then our flesh reaches for hopeless things to satisfy us and when they don't we question everything.  It's in His changing us into His likeness that we begin to take on an appearance of Him - still with the potential of showing our fallen self.  His word, His word, His word, is our food for health and growth - and the pure word - not what man has manipulated into something it wasn't meant to say.  God's word is piercing and transforming.

I had a friend today call to tell me her husband has left her.


It's one of those out of the blue - didn't see it coming at all - situations.  One of those where the spouse was faithful for so long and then isn't.  It's like a horrible spot of black ice on a frozen night that causes the worst kind of wreck.  And lives are clearly trainwrecked - but having to continue to put footsteps in front of the other - to stay in a forward motion.

And what to say and how to help.

Love and listen.  Hold the hand out. 

and pray for God to move hearts and minds and please heal.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


I am home and my brain is blank in terms of writing anything.

I do have a few drafts started - one rather serious - but I hesitate to post it - assuming I might get a thumbs down -

This blog thing -

I am incredibly conservative, play it safe, do the right thing - in other words, a bit dull - so - when Laura Beth was pregnant with Ada, still working as an English Teacher at PebbleBrook High School, the following sentence is what I really did say to her:

"Laura Beth, now that you're going to have a baby, I think you should get off of facebook."  Once everyone stops laughing and gasping I'll continue. 

I'm the last to know what will be a trend.  Quite often I'm looking backwards instead of forwards. 

Her answer to my exhortation was, without getting terribly frustrated with me, "Mom, in my classes I am now teaching my students how to blog".  I had no idea what she was talking about.  Maybe vaguely I had heard of blogging - but I didn't know what she meant and just didn't ask at that moment.

Next thing I know Ann has moved to Scottsboro and Laura Beth has gotten her "on facebook".  And then I hear they're blogging, but I never even remembered to go to their blogs.  I didn't understand it and didn't bother to look into it.  I finally figured out that I could see pictures of Ada, my "out of town" grandchild, if I went to LB's blog regularly.  Then, at some point, Sarah and Kate began to blog.  Ann's posting was sporadic and really, I could see her family in person - the real thing -

and facebook - people my age were beginning to join - and now - I think I am one of the few humans who are not on facebook. 

but I do enjoy posting - writing - and saying things regarding my interests - and it doesn't even matter if anyone is listening or reading.  I can just say it.  and I feel better - but

all along I hear, here and there, that someone is reading my blog.  I'm amazed.  I wonder what it is.  Is it like we're all in a cozy kitchen, sharing a cup of coffee and good conversation - we take turns talking, about nothing, but sometimes about something - a lot of it is ordinary things that make up our daily lives. 

Even today - Sarah had to explain "followers" to me.  So - I think I might do that thing - the follower thing - it doesn't mean what it sounds like - that someone is "following you".  I think I understand that it's mainly for convenience - so that if someone has put up a new post you'll know it and won't have to waste time going to their blog to find out.  It's like the "friend" word on facebook.  People aren't really close friends - maybe hardly acquaintance - maybe never even said words to each other - but they do have access to one another's pages if they are "friends". 

The computer is changing our vocabulary - I don't like that very much either - but I'm on board.  I just went to to see if blog has any other meaning.  it doesn't.  The definition is:

blog (blŏg)

n. A weblog.
intr.v. blogged, blog·ging, blogs
To write entries in, add material to, or maintain a weblog.

Here is what we used to call it - and used pen and paper.
jour·nal   –noun
1.a daily record, as of occurrences, experiences, or observations: She kept a journal during her European trip.

or this:

di·a·ry  [dahy-uh-ree] 

1.a daily record, usually private, esp. of the writer's own experiences, observations, feelings, attitudes, etc.
2.a book for keeping such a record.

Anyway - I'm sorry - change can be difficult for me - I'm grateful God made people to move forward - to think waaaayyyy outside the box -  to not hold onto relics and old ideas - but he also made my crowd - my kind of brain - looking back - savoring the past - slowing down just a bit to enjoy details - to sip on what we've learned and did know.

Question:  What is the best way to get these blog posts in hard copy?  I've googled that - found stuff - and then get bogged down - it doesn't work for me.  I think I might need a super duper computer.  Wonder if I'm right.  I'm wanting to preserve my "journal entries" for my grands and great grands.  Somebody down the line is gonna have my genes - those that enjoy looking into the heart of their ancestors and their daily lives.

P.S. Talked with Laura Beth this morning.  As of last night, John isn't sleeping good.  We're hoping it's something she ate.  I bet we don't get a post from Laura Beth today - Scott is home to help her get Ada to the pediatrician for her checkup - so hopefully she can also get a nap with his being at home. Nothing like a new baby to deplete Mom's brain of a few more cells.  It's a sleepy sleepy way of life, for mom - not for baby - not usually.

Okay - one more thing to say - I actually like going to folks' blogs to find out if they've posted - It's that little moment when there's hope for a post - so maybe I won't do the follower thing - or maybe I will - I don't know.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Delay in Posts

In transition....

Ann, Charlie, Ellie, Luke and Andrew arrived on Sunday afternoon - One can only imagine the exhilaration of the cousins, plus the kids being out of the car, plus dinner time, plus bathtime, plus bedtime - plus a thunderstorm around 4:00 am -

Today, Charlie and I drove into Atlanta with Ellie, Luke, and Ada - back to Trader Joe's.  That trip was interesting and unique, as well. 

Tomorrow I leave McDonough and return to Scottsboro - Laura Beth and Scott will begin their "new normal" here in McDonough.

Posts from Scottsboro will begin again -

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Back with Pictures

John today - Saturday - snoozing while I use Scott's laptop- so I decide to take pictures.
He and Ada took off for the morning - to the park and lunch at McDonald's.

And then Ada and Scott returned from their outing -
and here is Ada staring at her new little brother who sleeps a lot,
or cries, or requires holding. 
Here he is sleeping and she is taking it all in.
and the two of them ....

and John
and Ada
She speaks endearingly to him.
It sounds like she genuinely finds him very cute - but a bit disappointed that there is so little interaction between them.  Ada enjoys good conversation and, well, John's just not there yet.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Getting Back to My Original Blog Plan

My blog is really about

"Favorite Things...or....Things I Like to Remember"

Here I am in McDonough and I have to say that my absolutely very favorite thing in all of my whole life is that moment when each of my daughters were born - when they were out and hearing that first cry - so - it goes without saying that Heavenly is how I describe being able to revisit that moment with the birth of each of my grandchildren - and that is in keeping with the "theme" of this long stay here in McD.

But in an effort to get off of that subject for a while, I thought of images and googled them in order to give some visuals for other favorites of mine. I visited Kate's blog and Sarah's.  Both have  been doing the same thing lately - it's a popular theme, apparently, in the blog world - favorite things - but I had forgotten that, and, really, this was just something to return back to what my blog is supposed to be about - it will, however, include some images of my grandchildren - so - here we go....

A very detailed well executed pencil drawing.  I could stare and stare at it.

 well done  pencil "sketches"
These happen to be by Leonardo da Vinci.
I love these.  I love the loose quality of a natural, easy, fluid pencil sketch.

Peonies, always.  I'm so glad that I have a collection in my beds
 and can look forward to their blooms in May.

Of course, Hydrangeas and all the many hues of purple, pink, blue, etc.

Plenty of pecans - the look of them, and the taste of them.  Fresh.  Not old.  That bite. 
Grand, if off the ground of one's own property.  I like the meaty, fat kind, like these in the picture - Ours, on Williams Ave, were Stewarts Pecans.  That was the name.  These look like those.

and, also a favorite, at the unshelled pecans - lots of them - for me as a child, it meant Christmas money - and good pecan meat.  These, in this picture, are beautiful to me.

Clothes, drying on the line, clean sheets -

More clean sheets, blowing.

Old Black and White images from the 50's which reveal the vague scenes I carry around in my mind.
The TV on the left looks like how I remember our first television and how I saw Howdy Doody, and Roy Rogers/Dale Evans, Sky King, Captain Kangaroo when we could get him - and the earliest Today shows with Dave Garroway - and all those variety shows with Giselle McKenzie, Dinah Shore, Red Skeleton, Carol Burnette, Gary Moore - and that earliest comedy show - Your Show of Shows - There were so many I can't name them all.

Old Books - the look of them - and their stories.

Any Evergreen experience, breathing the air - the sound of it - and folks knowing who I am and from whence I came.  They know my parents and my cousins and my grandparents and my aunts and uncles - They know me and I know them.  In this picture, fall of 2008, we were listening to and watching the train.

So I found myself in Laura Beth's file of pictures, where I had saved the images from Google.
She had these and I couldn't resist this.
Luke's head, the shape of it in silhouette.  I love silhouettes anyway - and this of Luke and his cheeks.

and when my grandchildren look like their mother - and I see it all over again - ahhhh.
Here is Ellie - but it looks just like Ann from the back - as a little girl.

and of course a hot cup of coffee

I have lots and lots of other favorites - who doesn't?
These are what I have for now for this post.

Today Ten Days Old

And then Ada jumped in front of the babybed and said, "CHEEEZZZE!" 
which was my cue to take her picture.
and then she ran off to finish whatever she was playing with "the duck".

Laura Beth and I have gotten it together and are about to take ourselves and Ada and John out for lunch.
I guess we need to remind ourselves why we don't choose to do this much and, instead, spend the whole day inside - but we all need the outing - and the return home will make us appreciate being "at home".
It's how we felt day before yesterday when we drove in to Atlana, to the doctor and to the hospital.

We also made a trip to Trader Joe's - anyone know about Trader Joe's?
I loved it - it's an organic supermarket, much like Whole Foods but not as expensive.  I wish I had one close by.  They have a website  Interesting.  It was begun in California, of course.

I am now officially a Trader Joe's fan and will probably make another run to it on the way home to Scottsboro.

Gotta Go - John finished nursing and we are headed to Chili's (preferring a cute lady's place - but LB says they only have chains here in McDonough - oh well - I'm in the mood for Chicken Salad - but will love something Southwestern to wake me up)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Still Thursday

I said I might post something later.

This is definitely later.

It's 4:47 in Georgia.

Laura Beth has taken Ada to Publix with her - for an outing, just the 2 of them - but really to get decaf diet cokes and decaf tea.  John's struggling a bit to sleep during the day - and , well, it's occurred to LB - "oh yeah, the caffiene I'm consuming."

I got this picture this morning.  I saw Sarah do this with her camera - she sits the camera down and shoots - it's away from her eye.  So - she just sees what she'll get.  My camera is still insanely temperamental and I had no idea I could get this.  He was content for a long period of time this morning, in his bed, staring at the mirror's edges and also himself. 

I love this picture on February 18, 2010

It is officially 5:00 in Georgia.

All folks are gone.

But all will be here any minute now.

John is quiet and that can't possibly last for long.

But it's quiet for now. 

Earlier and Earlier

Ada is waking earlier and earlier.

today it was 6:00 or a pinch before.  I don't really mind - but it doesn't bode well for Laura Beth.  Especially after I'm gone.

I went to bed at 9:30 last night, but at 10:30 John was still struggling to "shut it down", even after Laura Beth had nursed him fully.  So - I took in the room with me so that she could sleep.  I did that thing that Ann and I usually do with her newborns - the wedge thing for babies now - I put it next to me on my bed and kept him swaddled and with the pacifier.  He just was having a little trouble - he'd be totally relaxed and dozing and then this squirming wiggling thing would crank up.  I guess something was twitching on the inside - but finally he fell sound asleep and didn't wake until 2:00 which means he went from 9:30 to 2:00 - 4 1/2 hours between feeding - and then he was sound asleep still when Ada woke - but I think he's just waked at 6:30 - so, still - he continues to have reasonable nights. 

I heard from my friend, Mary Mulloy, in Lilburn, GA.  She and I met when we were in Auburn.  Her life has been spent mostly in overseas missions - places like Papua New Guinea - Indonesia - I think the Phillippines - I also think I'm misspelling words - They have been at home a few times - but mostly far away.  She and her husband, Bob, and two children, Amy and Greg.  In the last 2 years they've been in the States, in Birmingham, actually - but this fall they moved to Lilburn, GA and are involved in ministry there - but I don't know enough about it to tell what they do - but I know that when she wrote me all about it it sounded fascinating to me - and something that my heart gets wrapped around.  There is a ministry there which serves folks coming out of those terrorized places in Africa where people have to escape for their lives and have seen such terror.  This ministry somehow helps them get acclamated to this country and culture and with the gospel as well.  So - if I get to visit her, then I'll write more about it.

The day  is beginning - Scott will need his laptop.

perhaps I'll post something different later -

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

John, Today.

My Camera Continues to be, well, temperamental at best.

This is as much of a zoom as I can get.

and this is John today, on February 17.
and of course, Ada, who continues with her adorable antics.

Ada and John together

Still....... Ada and John

What she did when I continued to exhort her to take the pacifier out of her mouth.
as she mumbled, "I don't want to".

We were all preparing to take John to his first week check,where, by the way, he weighed in at a whopping 8 pounds after coming into the world at 7lb. 4oz.  Loving the Breast Milk!

Isn't Navy his color?  with that dark hair?

We did it.
We took him to his 1 week check, only 2 exits up 75 north,
but then we drove all the way into Atlanta, back to the hospital and dropped off the Medela Breast Pump.
No thank you, Laura Beth doesn't need it. John is nursing just fine, thank you.

My camera isn't well - but all along it will let me get a few pictures.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Camera Has a Glitch

Sarah left,

and my camera does a weird thing and won't take the picture.  It makes noises like it will, but it doesn't.

So sad.  I have to google a Camera Doctor here in Atlanta.

We bought it at Best Buy - Charlie did.  It has a great warranty on it -

but I'm in Atlanta(McDonough) and I have a newborn grandson and I blog and post pictures.

My camera has to work!

Like right now - through the monitor I hear LB and Scott going through their nightly "Ada to Bed" ritual with stories and singing and counting

and little bit (John) is stretched out in my very long lap while I tell anyone interested that my camera isn't working.  (I'm at the verrrryyyyy sllllooooowwwwwww desktop).

Sarah is safely home.  I'm so glad she's safely there.

Our heat isn't working downstairs - not here in McDonough, but in Scottsboro - our unit has been living on borrowed time - so who knows?  Charlie warned Sarah she would be coming home to a very cold downstairs - he's called "the people", but had not heard from them midday.

That's all.

No picture, but we did bathe John today.

I talked with Kate who had a very celebrated 22nd birthday in Auburn, AL yesterday.

Ann tells me that her children do remember who I am.  Whew. 

and here we are - tomorrow is John's one week visit to the pediatrician.  and the return of the rented Medela Breast Pump to Northside Hospital. 

John Is 8 Days Old

and I'm settling in for the daily routine of new baby at home.

We had a second good night.  At least I did and it sounded like Laura Beth did.

I keep my door open so I can hear any baby cries or walking about -

John is sleeping in a crib next to Laura Beth's bed.

I am sleeping on an air mattress in John's room, close to Ada's room.

I brought my electric blanket so I am toasty warm each night.

Otherwise I'd be freezing.  It doesn't take much for me to be cold.

So, that's it.

These mornings I hear Ada, and she is willing for me to get her up instead of Mommy.  Which would be normal on a regular visit, apart from new baby.  She's a pinch off her game in that dept.  She is establishing that Laura Beth is everybit her Mommy, just as she used to be - before John.  No obvious jealousies, but she doesn't want me doing the things her Mommy normally does, like baths, and naps, etc.  I guess she wants to make sure she hasn't been bumped to "Near" and John is now in the number one "Mommy Seat".

So Ada and I get up, do the usual, brush teeth, etc. comb hair, etc.
mixed in with lots and lots of hugs.  She's so very huggable in the morning, well, always.
We do a lot of hugging and back rubbing as we make our way downstairs.

Then we make coffee and she says, "I want to sit down", which means she wants to sit on the counter and watch.  We do that.  She loves the part where I count the spoons.  I count by 4.  I say, "4, 8, 12, 4, 8, 12, 1".  she loves that part, because she loves counting, and that's a different kind of counting.  It's how I measure my coffee.  We all have our own system, don't we?

While the coffee makes, I unload the dishwasher for the day.  You know I'm in service mode for the new grandbaby situation if I'm unloading the dishwasher.  because - at home - I'll avoid forever the unloading of the dishwasher.  Charlie usually does that one.  I can wash dishes all day by hand - but the unloading of a dishwasher - don't ask me why - I don't know.

By then, the coffee is ready - so first I get hers ready.  In the sippy cup, a spoon of sugar, a spoon of coffeemate, a little dab of coffee, and lots of milk.  She loves it. 

My coffee?  Black all the way....and strong....but not bitter strong.....but certainly not weak.   Just right.

I love that first cup - and I borrow Sarah's laptop - we turn on PBS Kids and here we go.

Today Sarah is going back to Scottsboro - and she'll take her laptop - but we'll have LB's desktop - allbeit a very slow one.

I am not sure how long I'll be here in McDonough and it's going to be hard posting about anything other than new baby - I can't seem to think outside that realm at this point.  We're in this world of new baby, older sibling, milk, milk, milk, lots of dirty diapers for new baby, not enough dirty diapers for older sibling, cartoons on TV, holding John who is like a little bird rooting and arching his back and drawing up those legs which have been in the fetal position for 9 months. 

I'll get some pictures today.  We were finding our way through the day, yesterday, not really knowing what a day with John at home would look like - and washing clothes and folding, and unpacking Laura Beth's hospital stuff.  All of that - absorbing new baby John into the household of the Moores - and all the while Ada still wanting to play, play, play.

First at home bath today.  It was going to be yesterday, but we didn't get around to it. 

Is everyone watching the Olympics?

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Birthday, Kate!

Now   that we've added John Thomas Moore to our Birthday season, Kate wraps it up - with her birthday being today, February 15 - the "day after Valentines Day".  She is the exclamation point, the closing statement on what began in January.
She was the baby I didn't know if I could actually have,
due to more reasonable people in my life -, that's it.
I felt in my gut there was at least one more to be had.
I just couldn't quit at 3 - not when I wanted 6!
and so we got Kate.
The morning I took the pregnancy test, I did what one had to do, then waited. Moms don't have to wait anymore. Charlie, and the girls, were still asleep. I did the test and put on my running clothes to do my morning run.
While I was out I ran past Mary Bratton, Janice McGee and Wanda Tolar who were walking. I ran backwards as I told them that I'd just taken the test and would go back to find the results. Mary screamed. I remember all of that clearly.
9 months later we had Kate.
There's something nice about being older, 36, and preparing for a baby. I don't know how to explain it. There's a lot nice about being really young and theres a lot nice about being older. It's just all different. Well, experience helps a whole lot - but then, inexperience makes it fun and such a new adventure.
Kate came home to 3 older sisters and she bumped Sarah out of the "baby" spot. Ann was 7, Laura Beth 5 1/2, and Sarah 2.
Ann had a lot of maturity and strength for holding Kate for me, just a few times - when I needed extra arms and hands. I could sit Ann in the rocking chair, in the kitchen, prop up pillows around Ann, and she could help for a little while - while I did things in the kitchen.

Once when Kate was much younger than the above picture, as in still in the infant stage, I really really needed to get dinner ready - this was the first time I put Ann to use with Kate.
I had her come in - I showed her all the little techniques needed to use on Kate during the dreaded "five o'clock" hour - she was handling it very well - so well, that I began to concentrate on meal prep, my back was to both of them, and I realized the kitchen was completely silent.
I turned around.
Ann was gone. Kate was gone.
I ran down our very short hall - looked in the den - there sat Ann with Laura Beth and Sarah, watching TV. No Kate.
I asked, (exclaimed) "Ann! Where's Kate?". Ann was so calm and oblivious to why I was a bit startled. She said, in a sedate manner, "She's in there on the bed".
It was the guest bedroom and Ann had observed me enough, placing her gently, after she was asleep, over on her stomach, on the bedding I had laid out for her. Kate was so tiny at the time that she didn't scoot while sleeping. But the bed was way too high for Ann to successfully do that....I thought. I'm 5'8" and could lean over to accomplish it.
I asked her, puzzled, how in the world???
She just explained that she stood on her tiptoes and turned her over, just like I do.
I was amazed. Nice to have older siblings to help, and who watched me and learned. Laura Beth, age 5 1/2 - well - didn't quite have the instinct for it - but had the desire - I often had to decline her offers to hold the baby and help. Many pictures of me with the girls, when Sarah or Kate were babies, show Laura Beth's little hand always over, touching either a leg or an arm on the baby. She certainly had the heart for it.

The 3 big sisters playing dress-up.
In clothes from the "dress-up box".

I had a small party for Kate's first birthday.
I think that Danny, Corny, and Lorie Rose came over, as well as Steve and Yonea Chunn, who didn't have children yet.
We did all the first birthday pictures - but the film didn't develop. That was way before memory cards and digital.
On Kate's 2nd birthday Charlie was out of town.
so - the girls and I did a small cluster of cupcakes and a few balloons. For that I do have pictures, but not scanned into my computer. Steve and Yonea came and took Ann and Laura Beth to see Little Mermaid after the 2 candles were blown out.
Yonea was very ripe with carrying Matthew in her tummy.
He was born 2 days later, after Kate's birthday -
His is Feb. 17.
My four little Ragamuffins, Ann with her Maranook T-shirt on - from Camp - Sarah, playing dressup - Laura Beth and her antics - and Kate probably about 21 months.

Again - my top priority definitely wasn't their clothing. I was just happy to get something on them at the beginning of the day. To have it clean and available.
This picture should have been before the other one. Kate looks to be not far passed her first birthday.

Sarah and Kate soon made really good playmates.

and now - Kate, at age 22, and with her niece and nephew.
and I found this - Mother at age 22, Kate's present age - I know it because on the back of the picture in ink is written 1941.

I cropped the picture so some of the background is out. I think that might be a fishing pole - and there were other people in the far distance. They are on the edge of a bank - near water. Those are not pajamas - just casual clothes for the 40's.
Happy Birthday, Kate.
I'm SO GLAD you're with us.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

Charlie has come and gone.

Ada and I are here at the house, by ourselves.  Hopefully getting ready for John's homecoming.  Not sure.

Laura Beth, Scott and Sarah have travelled into Atlanta to the hospital - and before they left, the hospital called asking if they would be willing for a home health nurse to give John his antibiotics at home today and tomorrow.  They of course were so exctied so answered with an emphatic yes - but forgot to ask if that meant a sure thing for John's discharge today.  We're keeping our fingers crossed and immediately began doing last minute things for last minute preparations. 

So - they're gone and will call me to let me know what they find out. 

If not today, then we can count on tomorrow, barring an earthquake or tsunami or some other unexpected catastrophic thing - in other words, all things remaining the same, we will have John by at least tomorrow - and then the pictures will "begin again".

Happy Valentines today - I wish you lots of flowers and candy without calories or tummy aches and valentines floating all over the place - plenty of red and pink and white - and people who love you and adore you - lots of secret admirers - lots of unsecret admirers - lots of whatever you would find comforting and soothing - and if you don't have many of what I just listed???  This is what you have -

The God of creation who loved and loves you beyond your wildest imaginations - who went through the severest of severe trials and suffering just to have you within Him and He within you, the eternal everlasting embrace.  Say yes, say yes, say yes - and you have the eternal love that will redeem and protect and secure and sustain.  He will hold you within the palm of his hands, you can dwell in the shadow of His Almightyness.
He is the Lover of your soul.  He is.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday Night

Whoever happens upon this blog post - I am really really really tired - just from these days being so full and more active than I am accustomed to.

Charlie drove to McDonough today and he, Ada and I drove back into Atlanta for him to see his grandson for the first time.  It was also the first time I've held John, complete with all the wires still attached.  Nothing sticking "in" him, except the IV, but those monitors on his chest and tummy.  It's an entanglement of cords and whatnot, just to hold him, but it seemed more "doable" today.  There is absolutely nothing more grand than a newborn - a brandnew newborn - is there?   I love it.  John's been moved to the SEVENTH floor.  Little did we know that it was even up there - that floor.  It's where the babies graduate to - when they've left NICU - but not quite ready for the real world.  It's very impressive up there on 7th floor of Northside Hospital.  Hard to describe.  Each little baby gets his or her own tiny space and with a normal looking little plastic bed thing.  Not that incubator looking contraption in NICU proper.  There's a very comfortable rocker for mom - but it's a little late for that.  We hope he'll be going home either tomorrow night or Monday morning.  But listen - there are insanely sad stories out there.  Across from John's little deluxe suite was another baby who had graduated to 7th floor - but Laura Beth found out that his mom was in critical condition.  She heard them discussing the possibility of just taking the baby to her room in hopes that the mom could hear his sounds - I wonder if she is in a coma or something - they were considering recording his sounds and noises to play in her room.  What could that be?  The grandmother and the daddy were in the room with the baby and probably they would take turns between the still critical mom and the new baby getting to go home.  Laura Beth could hear these discussions through the curtains.  This particular family was getting on the elevator when we were and my heart was breaking for them.  I could only imagine the clinch in their chests as they moved from one place to another.   Not to mention the tiny less than a pound baby who is still in NICU and all week no adult besides the nurses has been to keep that vigil with it.  That teensy little life.    And also the tiny baby whose mom and dad are there regularly and when they aren't, we're told the mom calls constantly to check on her little girl.

All week I never totally understood John's situation except as the medical staff explained it to us as it came up - but how to pray - other than beg God for him to be healthy.  Who doesn't want that?  Of course we want that - but so do those other families.  We just don't always get what we want.  I knew that in the midst of this situation and, well, desire to be faithful while in the trial - I mean - trusting God with His handling of my children and grandchildren.

Because John is doing so good - well - bless him - he gets circumcised in the morning.  He's gotta be thinking, "Good grief!!!! People!!!!"  Anyway, while we're comfortable in this house - his little thingy will be circumcised.  I'll be so glad for him to have a truly comfortable day, once that little thing is healed.

Ann sent, with Charlie, to McDonough, an incredible homemade Lasagna.  She also made it complete with some very healthy vegetables - one of those tricks of hiding veggies in a dish - It was soooo good - and also sent a dessert - what I refer to as 4-layer dessert - other people call it other stuff.  But it has a graham cracker crust, cream cheese/whipped cream layer, chocolate pudding layer, and whipped cream.  Soooo good.

Sarah is still here and probably will go home after a few days with John being at home.

Kate continues in Auburn - and this is my public announcement to her and the world that I do love her dearly - her birthday is Monday - my baby will be 22.  Yipes - but I "raked her over the coals" today after a revealed "overdraft".   There's got to be a better way to handle that situation.  All my girls have fallen into that trap while at Auburn - all but Ann - because she didn't have as much opportunity - the way we were handling the college finances at the time.  None of my girls are extravagant beyond reason, but that overdraft thing happens too much - mostly because they dread calling Mom and Dad to say they need more money - but it is definitely not intentional - and to Kate - I love you so much and hope I'm not embarrassing you at this moment.  She is otherwise incredibly responsible and able to handle all kinds of tasks which I cannot. -  In May the college thing will be behind us all - Laura Beth today remembers the wailing and gnashing of teeth when she got into an endless overdraft situation.  Yet - it doesn't happen now that she is out on her own.  Amazing.  And Sarah - well - it's all so fresh to her - since she just graduated - well - she definitely remembers.  And the tellers at the bank know our girls by name and know what's happened when they see either Charlie or me walk into the bank rather than go through the drive thru.

But to Kate - I hope you read this blog and know that you are loved incredibly and I think you are an amazing person - and love what God is doing to shape you into His likeness.  There.  

Snow is melting.

Friday, February 12, 2010

McDonough Had Snow Like Everyone Else in the South

While Laura Beth and Scott visited John in the hospital
Sarah and I stayed back in McDonough with Ada.....
and the snow came down
Ada had been sleeping when the snow
got really serious about sticking.
She woke to about 4 inches.
She had only seen snow in books
and cartoons.
She especially has enjoyed the Curious George Christmas Special
where she's watched him make snow angels.
We tried to entertain Ada with the warmth of the house
and games on the computer - but.....
she was drawn to the snow.
So out we went.
She loved it.
After a break to warm ourselves
here she is saying PLLLEEEAAASSSEEE -
can we go back out now.
This time Sarah went with us....
and they made snow angels.
Ada had every intention of climbing up her ladder to go down her slide.
I would say through the camera, "Ada, it's not going to work".
But she wasn't convinced.
So she slid.
and tried again.
and slid.

I took her in after some time.
Her little hands were getting too cold.
But she went in under protest.

Scott and Laura Beth missed Ada's introduction to that beautiful white stuff,
yet they made the 45 min trek back down I-75 to McDonough.

Scott has a date with Ada in the morning to play in the snow.
John continues to improve.
His granddaddy, Charlie, is traveling to see him for the first time, tomorrow.
We anticipate his homecoming on Sunday.  Hoping for that.