Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Waiting

It's Friday.

Laura Beth is having more regular contractions - which - since I've had Ada - she stopped having - I guess because she was able to rest.

We're hoping for these to remain steady.

No matter what - I am taking Ada back to McDonough tomorrow, on Saturday.

No pictures.

The whole kit and kaboodle are over here right now.

Ada is thrilled. Who wants a steady diet of their grandmother? So, she is with Ellie and Luke at this moment in the living room. Andrew is crawling all over the house and is back here, for now.

I don't like to make this blog about my grandchildren, since their moms are all over that. But at the moment, being a grandmother is in the driver's seat. It is UP FRONT. and all we can think about is when LB will go into labor. Actually - I've been thinking about other stuff - really - but then LB did call and mention that she was having contractions again - so we've been tracking those.