Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday Night

Whoever happens upon this blog post - I am really really really tired - just from these days being so full and more active than I am accustomed to.

Charlie drove to McDonough today and he, Ada and I drove back into Atlanta for him to see his grandson for the first time.  It was also the first time I've held John, complete with all the wires still attached.  Nothing sticking "in" him, except the IV, but those monitors on his chest and tummy.  It's an entanglement of cords and whatnot, just to hold him, but it seemed more "doable" today.  There is absolutely nothing more grand than a newborn - a brandnew newborn - is there?   I love it.  John's been moved to the SEVENTH floor.  Little did we know that it was even up there - that floor.  It's where the babies graduate to - when they've left NICU - but not quite ready for the real world.  It's very impressive up there on 7th floor of Northside Hospital.  Hard to describe.  Each little baby gets his or her own tiny space and with a normal looking little plastic bed thing.  Not that incubator looking contraption in NICU proper.  There's a very comfortable rocker for mom - but it's a little late for that.  We hope he'll be going home either tomorrow night or Monday morning.  But listen - there are insanely sad stories out there.  Across from John's little deluxe suite was another baby who had graduated to 7th floor - but Laura Beth found out that his mom was in critical condition.  She heard them discussing the possibility of just taking the baby to her room in hopes that the mom could hear his sounds - I wonder if she is in a coma or something - they were considering recording his sounds and noises to play in her room.  What could that be?  The grandmother and the daddy were in the room with the baby and probably they would take turns between the still critical mom and the new baby getting to go home.  Laura Beth could hear these discussions through the curtains.  This particular family was getting on the elevator when we were and my heart was breaking for them.  I could only imagine the clinch in their chests as they moved from one place to another.   Not to mention the tiny less than a pound baby who is still in NICU and all week no adult besides the nurses has been to keep that vigil with it.  That teensy little life.    And also the tiny baby whose mom and dad are there regularly and when they aren't, we're told the mom calls constantly to check on her little girl.

All week I never totally understood John's situation except as the medical staff explained it to us as it came up - but how to pray - other than beg God for him to be healthy.  Who doesn't want that?  Of course we want that - but so do those other families.  We just don't always get what we want.  I knew that in the midst of this situation and, well, desire to be faithful while in the trial - I mean - trusting God with His handling of my children and grandchildren.

Because John is doing so good - well - bless him - he gets circumcised in the morning.  He's gotta be thinking, "Good grief!!!! People!!!!"  Anyway, while we're comfortable in this house - his little thingy will be circumcised.  I'll be so glad for him to have a truly comfortable day, once that little thing is healed.

Ann sent, with Charlie, to McDonough, an incredible homemade Lasagna.  She also made it complete with some very healthy vegetables - one of those tricks of hiding veggies in a dish - It was soooo good - and also sent a dessert - what I refer to as 4-layer dessert - other people call it other stuff.  But it has a graham cracker crust, cream cheese/whipped cream layer, chocolate pudding layer, and whipped cream.  Soooo good.

Sarah is still here and probably will go home after a few days with John being at home.

Kate continues in Auburn - and this is my public announcement to her and the world that I do love her dearly - her birthday is Monday - my baby will be 22.  Yipes - but I "raked her over the coals" today after a revealed "overdraft".   There's got to be a better way to handle that situation.  All my girls have fallen into that trap while at Auburn - all but Ann - because she didn't have as much opportunity - the way we were handling the college finances at the time.  None of my girls are extravagant beyond reason, but that overdraft thing happens too much - mostly because they dread calling Mom and Dad to say they need more money - but it is definitely not intentional - and to Kate - I love you so much and hope I'm not embarrassing you at this moment.  She is otherwise incredibly responsible and able to handle all kinds of tasks which I cannot. -  In May the college thing will be behind us all - Laura Beth today remembers the wailing and gnashing of teeth when she got into an endless overdraft situation.  Yet - it doesn't happen now that she is out on her own.  Amazing.  And Sarah - well - it's all so fresh to her - since she just graduated - well - she definitely remembers.  And the tellers at the bank know our girls by name and know what's happened when they see either Charlie or me walk into the bank rather than go through the drive thru.

But to Kate - I hope you read this blog and know that you are loved incredibly and I think you are an amazing person - and love what God is doing to shape you into His likeness.  There.  

Snow is melting.

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