Friday, February 19, 2010

Getting Back to My Original Blog Plan

My blog is really about

"Favorite Things...or....Things I Like to Remember"

Here I am in McDonough and I have to say that my absolutely very favorite thing in all of my whole life is that moment when each of my daughters were born - when they were out and hearing that first cry - so - it goes without saying that Heavenly is how I describe being able to revisit that moment with the birth of each of my grandchildren - and that is in keeping with the "theme" of this long stay here in McD.

But in an effort to get off of that subject for a while, I thought of images and googled them in order to give some visuals for other favorites of mine. I visited Kate's blog and Sarah's.  Both have  been doing the same thing lately - it's a popular theme, apparently, in the blog world - favorite things - but I had forgotten that, and, really, this was just something to return back to what my blog is supposed to be about - it will, however, include some images of my grandchildren - so - here we go....

A very detailed well executed pencil drawing.  I could stare and stare at it.

 well done  pencil "sketches"
These happen to be by Leonardo da Vinci.
I love these.  I love the loose quality of a natural, easy, fluid pencil sketch.

Peonies, always.  I'm so glad that I have a collection in my beds
 and can look forward to their blooms in May.

Of course, Hydrangeas and all the many hues of purple, pink, blue, etc.

Plenty of pecans - the look of them, and the taste of them.  Fresh.  Not old.  That bite. 
Grand, if off the ground of one's own property.  I like the meaty, fat kind, like these in the picture - Ours, on Williams Ave, were Stewarts Pecans.  That was the name.  These look like those.

and, also a favorite, at the unshelled pecans - lots of them - for me as a child, it meant Christmas money - and good pecan meat.  These, in this picture, are beautiful to me.

Clothes, drying on the line, clean sheets -

More clean sheets, blowing.

Old Black and White images from the 50's which reveal the vague scenes I carry around in my mind.
The TV on the left looks like how I remember our first television and how I saw Howdy Doody, and Roy Rogers/Dale Evans, Sky King, Captain Kangaroo when we could get him - and the earliest Today shows with Dave Garroway - and all those variety shows with Giselle McKenzie, Dinah Shore, Red Skeleton, Carol Burnette, Gary Moore - and that earliest comedy show - Your Show of Shows - There were so many I can't name them all.

Old Books - the look of them - and their stories.

Any Evergreen experience, breathing the air - the sound of it - and folks knowing who I am and from whence I came.  They know my parents and my cousins and my grandparents and my aunts and uncles - They know me and I know them.  In this picture, fall of 2008, we were listening to and watching the train.

So I found myself in Laura Beth's file of pictures, where I had saved the images from Google.
She had these and I couldn't resist this.
Luke's head, the shape of it in silhouette.  I love silhouettes anyway - and this of Luke and his cheeks.

and when my grandchildren look like their mother - and I see it all over again - ahhhh.
Here is Ellie - but it looks just like Ann from the back - as a little girl.

and of course a hot cup of coffee

I have lots and lots of other favorites - who doesn't?
These are what I have for now for this post.

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