Friday, February 12, 2010

McDonough Had Snow Like Everyone Else in the South

While Laura Beth and Scott visited John in the hospital
Sarah and I stayed back in McDonough with Ada.....
and the snow came down
Ada had been sleeping when the snow
got really serious about sticking.
She woke to about 4 inches.
She had only seen snow in books
and cartoons.
She especially has enjoyed the Curious George Christmas Special
where she's watched him make snow angels.
We tried to entertain Ada with the warmth of the house
and games on the computer - but.....
she was drawn to the snow.
So out we went.
She loved it.
After a break to warm ourselves
here she is saying PLLLEEEAAASSSEEE -
can we go back out now.
This time Sarah went with us....
and they made snow angels.
Ada had every intention of climbing up her ladder to go down her slide.
I would say through the camera, "Ada, it's not going to work".
But she wasn't convinced.
So she slid.
and tried again.
and slid.

I took her in after some time.
Her little hands were getting too cold.
But she went in under protest.

Scott and Laura Beth missed Ada's introduction to that beautiful white stuff,
yet they made the 45 min trek back down I-75 to McDonough.

Scott has a date with Ada in the morning to play in the snow.
John continues to improve.
His granddaddy, Charlie, is traveling to see him for the first time, tomorrow.
We anticipate his homecoming on Sunday.  Hoping for that.

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