Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Camera Has a Glitch

Sarah left,

and my camera does a weird thing and won't take the picture.  It makes noises like it will, but it doesn't.

So sad.  I have to google a Camera Doctor here in Atlanta.

We bought it at Best Buy - Charlie did.  It has a great warranty on it -

but I'm in Atlanta(McDonough) and I have a newborn grandson and I blog and post pictures.

My camera has to work!

Like right now - through the monitor I hear LB and Scott going through their nightly "Ada to Bed" ritual with stories and singing and counting

and little bit (John) is stretched out in my very long lap while I tell anyone interested that my camera isn't working.  (I'm at the verrrryyyyy sllllooooowwwwwww desktop).

Sarah is safely home.  I'm so glad she's safely there.

Our heat isn't working downstairs - not here in McDonough, but in Scottsboro - our unit has been living on borrowed time - so who knows?  Charlie warned Sarah she would be coming home to a very cold downstairs - he's called "the people", but had not heard from them midday.

That's all.

No picture, but we did bathe John today.

I talked with Kate who had a very celebrated 22nd birthday in Auburn, AL yesterday.

Ann tells me that her children do remember who I am.  Whew. 

and here we are - tomorrow is John's one week visit to the pediatrician.  and the return of the rented Medela Breast Pump to Northside Hospital. 

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