Thursday, February 18, 2010

Still Thursday

I said I might post something later.

This is definitely later.

It's 4:47 in Georgia.

Laura Beth has taken Ada to Publix with her - for an outing, just the 2 of them - but really to get decaf diet cokes and decaf tea.  John's struggling a bit to sleep during the day - and , well, it's occurred to LB - "oh yeah, the caffiene I'm consuming."

I got this picture this morning.  I saw Sarah do this with her camera - she sits the camera down and shoots - it's away from her eye.  So - she just sees what she'll get.  My camera is still insanely temperamental and I had no idea I could get this.  He was content for a long period of time this morning, in his bed, staring at the mirror's edges and also himself. 

I love this picture on February 18, 2010

It is officially 5:00 in Georgia.

All folks are gone.

But all will be here any minute now.

John is quiet and that can't possibly last for long.

But it's quiet for now. 

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rhodes1 said...

I love that photograph! I saw it on Laura Beth's earlier and just loved it!