Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday in McDonough

To understand Laura Beth's situation

you will have to read her recent blog post

but John Moore has not arrived.

Sarah and I delivered Ada back to her Mom and Dad on Saturday.

Admittedly we're all a bit , well, stymied, I think, would be the word. But not to be defeated with despair - What could we do? What could we do? OH! I had an idea!!!!


Today, Sarah, myself, Laura Beth and Ada drove the 2 hours to Auburn to have lunch with Kate(Cake-according to Ada) Nothing like a good dose of the Auburn Plains, All those orange and blue AU symbols everywhere and the lolling about of students on a very chilly Sunday afternoon - before the week kicks in on Monday - we knew that the rules are, a 39 week pregnant woman should not drive 2 hours away from the location of her hospital - but heck, there were no signals that John would be delivered on this day. Back to Auburn. I think it really did give everyone a dose of something other than waiting on a baby. Good visit with Kate who was very glad to see us. Just wished that Ann could have been with us.

We finished up the day with coffee from Taylors where students are hush hush on their laptops. All respect each others expectations of quiet - so that all can study - except they don't anticipate an "Ada" showing up. I stayed in the car and waited on all - LB said Ada went hopping up to the counter and she had to quiet her quickly. Ada enjoyed the shushing that they were all doing - you know, with the finger to the lips and saying "shhhhhhhh". She liked that.

Back to McDonough - Sarah and I will return to Scottsboro on Wednesday after Laura Beth's doctor's visit on Tuesday. And we're all going to get on with our lives as if Laura Beth isn't in her fortieth week. Looks like LB might have come over to mine and Ann's team - the one where bodies just hold onto babies with no desire to deliver them.

And I'm going to start posting about other stuff.....I think.

At least I've gotten a little practice with Atlanta traffic. Not my favorite thing in the world. I'm a slow girl who likes slow simple things.

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