Monday, February 8, 2010

Early Monday Morning

Early as in 1:28 am.

Laura Beth started with contractions again.  This time I'm here.  Scott is downstairs - per my strong suggestion.  He needs the sleep either for work tomorrow or baby.  We're not getting ahead of ourselves, but I am timing them.

So far this is what we've got:

1:.........uh, nevermind, 

we've already called the doctor and are waiting for a call back....

not even saying this is the real deal - in fact we have a hard time believing it is.....

except for a few , well, signs which are inappropriate to mention on this post - but - I'm thinking about going downstairs to get my camera - so all can see what Laura Beth looks like during a contraction.

Okay - she's resting right this second.  It is now 2:18.  Can't believe she's sleeping.  The last contraction was pretty rough....started at 2:10 andhere comes another and it's 2:19....

Crazy stuff.

I confess I have taken some pictures....think I'll pause this post long enough to download them.

Much, much, much later - Laura Beth is at the hospital - got there by 4:00.  Contractions 3 min. apart - Scott going 80 - that's all I know. She is in her hospital gown and in the bed - still haven't heard what will happen - how much dilated.....Ada woke up during it all and LB was being very quiet - no yelling like on TV - and making every effort to deal with it all.  She was pretty miserable.  I've just downloaded these pix.

Trying to relax during a contraction and waiting on the doctor to call back

and I was lucky she didn't throw that phone at me as I took pictures.
I would have ducked.

I'm not having much luck placing these pictures.  It was pretty hard on Ada letting her mommy leave and go to the hospital.  You can see the bag packed in the above picture.

It's now 4:28 and I haven't heard back.

I hope she has time to get an epidural.

I hope, I hope, I hope.

I plan to post again, or edit this one to give details.


It's 7:00 am here in Atlanta - Laura Beth was 3-4 cm when she got here at 4ish - major contractions - wondering how women do it without an epidural - and very nauseus.  She now has an epidural and dryheaved enough that her nausea is gone.  She's loving life right now - contractions have slowed down a pinch due to epidural - but she doesn't care - she's so glad to not be feeling anything.  She did request that I come on to the hospital - and this scaredy cat mom who doesn't like night driving  and especially in Atlanta didn't blink - I was out the door - leaving Sarah to be with Ada when she wakes up this morning. 

So here we are - & I even got out at the parking deck by myself and dared any mugger to come after me....none did.  Sorry - bad humor - I'm such an old lady scaredy cat about stuff.

We're, the 3 of us, actually having a nice time here in labor and delivery.  Stay tuned for the birth of John Thomas Moore.

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Laura Forman said...

Okay, so I can't wait to hear the news that little John is here!! I am so excited for LB...been praying for her all day!! I am headed to bed now but I am hoping to hear news of his arrival when I wake up :) Love you guys!!!