Friday, February 19, 2010

Today Ten Days Old

And then Ada jumped in front of the babybed and said, "CHEEEZZZE!" 
which was my cue to take her picture.
and then she ran off to finish whatever she was playing with "the duck".

Laura Beth and I have gotten it together and are about to take ourselves and Ada and John out for lunch.
I guess we need to remind ourselves why we don't choose to do this much and, instead, spend the whole day inside - but we all need the outing - and the return home will make us appreciate being "at home".
It's how we felt day before yesterday when we drove in to Atlana, to the doctor and to the hospital.

We also made a trip to Trader Joe's - anyone know about Trader Joe's?
I loved it - it's an organic supermarket, much like Whole Foods but not as expensive.  I wish I had one close by.  They have a website  Interesting.  It was begun in California, of course.

I am now officially a Trader Joe's fan and will probably make another run to it on the way home to Scottsboro.

Gotta Go - John finished nursing and we are headed to Chili's (preferring a cute lady's place - but LB says they only have chains here in McDonough - oh well - I'm in the mood for Chicken Salad - but will love something Southwestern to wake me up)

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