Friday, February 26, 2010


So, here's the serious post I had as a draft.  I wrote it two days ago - but it expresses my heart and how it feels to be so human and in this fallen world - even as believers - redeemed, we find ourselves in these insane, dramatic conflicts due to our self. I'll try to get back to more lighthearted stuff next post.


We're all broken.

Some of us have enough tape wrapped around our situation that we've convinced ourselves that we are whole, on our own, in our own strength, and with the help of the stuff we count as holding us together.  The only thing whole about any of us is if the Holy God, Creator, Father, has indwelt us with His Holy Spirit.  Even then our flesh reaches for hopeless things to satisfy us and when they don't we question everything.  It's in His changing us into His likeness that we begin to take on an appearance of Him - still with the potential of showing our fallen self.  His word, His word, His word, is our food for health and growth - and the pure word - not what man has manipulated into something it wasn't meant to say.  God's word is piercing and transforming.

I had a friend today call to tell me her husband has left her.


It's one of those out of the blue - didn't see it coming at all - situations.  One of those where the spouse was faithful for so long and then isn't.  It's like a horrible spot of black ice on a frozen night that causes the worst kind of wreck.  And lives are clearly trainwrecked - but having to continue to put footsteps in front of the other - to stay in a forward motion.

And what to say and how to help.

Love and listen.  Hold the hand out. 

and pray for God to move hearts and minds and please heal.

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