Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How This One Day Looked

Our day ended like this.

but it began like this......
with the sun just up and we had moved onto the porch, Ada and I.

Ada wanted most of the "kitchen stuff" and babies outside
so she could "play", "pretend".
I love to be outside and with my book, so we brought it all out.  Enough of those maddening cartoons.
They are mindless!
Let's pretend!  and she did.....

mine and Mary Ann's horse from childhood.
he still rides.

Ada posing in a serious look.  
She's NOT so serious, most of the time.

and the book I wanted to finish and will, tonight, probably.
and plan to post about it.  It's a must read and reread.

Still Ada with her book.
Since Near has a book.

Midday we met Ann and kids at McDonald's.
Kate and I both went with Laura Beth and her two.
We dominated the place - all of us.
Or so it seemed.

Andrew had a friend, his age, to toddle around with.

but after naps all gathered at my house for play and dinner and more play.
Ellie really took to the setup Ada had begun on my porch at the beginning of the day.
Luke here appears to be vying for dominance.  
Ellie usually wins.

but out in the yard Luke and Andrew have taken possession 
of the heights of the galvanized tub, belonging to Near and Charlie.

That was after Andrew and John had had some bonding time inside.
They have to connect - they're the two youngest!
Looks like Andrew is passing on some advice for baby John.

And in the yard the ladies dance.

Andrew plays in the wagon.

and Charlie arrives home to find a yard full of "knotheads"

After baths there was some relaxing on the couch, together, the cousins....

Brothers communicating in their own way....

and after the Barbers went home, with Kate, because Steve is gone this week....

Charlie, Ada and I caught lightening bugs.

and it's the end of the day

and Laura Beth's redheaded cabbage patch doll is still smiling in her high chair.

I Am Going to Post Something New

Just to get off the old post

I have as of this morning taken pictures to put up here.

I can't do it now - but - before this day ends

I would like to show what it looks like for Ada and John to be here.

also want to tell about the INCREDIBLE book I'm reading and am about finished.

EASY read.  I want to read it over and over and get it in my head

and beseech God to reveal to me once and for all

the idols in my life that misplace HIM.

I want to move them out.  OUT.

That's later.  Really want to get back to my morning coffee and finish this book.

John's sleeping.  Ada is occupied.  Laura Beth is getting ready to go to the dentist.

Kate is "working".

Has anyone read her blog?  Lilies of the Field  or more relevant her other blog, Pilgrim Days, which is about her new RUF intern assignment.  She is now employed by Reformed University Fellowship and has certain book and study assignments and reports, etc.  She leaves in August to go to Wake Forest University.  We say that by faith because she can't go unless she has raised her assigned level of support money.  But it has all the appearances of God leading her into this so we trust He will work out the support.  By working, she has a lot to do on her laptop and a lot to do with her nose either in a book or the bible.  Plus there are summer weddings to be in or to attend or to direct.

I missed my opportunity to finish reading.  Ada has just showed up with a book she wants me to read to her.  I'm just glad she's here.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Time with Friends






and today?  
the cream de la cream
icing on the cake

after church Charlie and I drive to Adairsville to meet
Scott, Laura Beth, Ada and John
to travel back with Laura Beth, Ada and John for a week's visit with us.

I am blessed beyond blessed with friends and family.
Thank you, Lord. May I not squander nor neglect your gifts.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Journey Proud

When I was a little girl and didn't really know

not really

that it would ever be anyone but

Mother, Daddy, Mary Ann and I in the main scheme of things

with grandparents in the circle - Ella and Elbert -

Aunts, Uncles, Cousins - all of us arm in arm even when we went to our homes at night -

to each of our safe corners of that small south alabama town -

When it was that time and when there were no interstates - no I-65 from Evergreen to who knows where,

We'd travel to Montgomery, AL, at least twice a year, getting there on Highway 31.

It went through this small town and that small town, this little area and that little area - two lanes all the way - endless it seemed -

Very often Ella would go with us.  She'd sit in the back with Mary Ann and me.  No seatbelts, ever.

I only had heard of those on airplanes.

I would be so excited about the trip and Ella quite often would say to me,  "I think you're journey proud".   She'd say it in her familiar voice which I can barely hear anymore in my memory.  I don't think I can hear daddy's either - unless I just think of phrases he would say - I think I can hear Mothers because sometimes I think I sound like her.

Journey Proud.

I am that today.

I am traveling to Birmingham to visit Martha and Val and Mary Claire.

Tomorrow from Birmingham I am traveling to Tallassee to Beth and Jamie Baldwin.

and on Saturday Charlie and I are going to meet Laura Beth, Scott, Ada and John in Adairsville,

to bring LB, Ada, and John back to Scottsboro for a week with us.

I am very Journey Proud.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Another Strong Recommendation

okay - so it would seem that the best way I can help younger women is to point them to posts on blogs by other young women.  Obviously that's not the only way - but it's just that I'm recommending two posts back to back.  I don't normally do that.

God is growing some really strong women these days, seems like.  Infusing them with His wisdom.

I pointed the reader yesterday to this post.  Today there's another really good post on yet another blog that, well, who could say it better?  Go to this site for a great post regarding lasting marriage.

She does include a post script at the bottom which I respect.  It reads:
"A postscript: I wouldn’t apply this kind of choice unless it was in the context of a loving marriage. Where abuse or other broken elements are present, very different choices would likely be necessary."

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Beautiful Post

I have found a blog.  (I still don't like that word - blog)

It's been a while since I found this one and it took me a while to get used to it.

She's a writer.  She's a really really good writer.  She writes poetically and it was almost, for me, like learning her language.

Plus, I was a newcomer to her stories and the nature of most blogs - well, each story has a way of building on the other.  I'm starting to put the pieces together and I was amazed at the big picture, when I realized what all she had to tell.

Her post today, and lately all her posts, are especially good.

I love today's.  It's about her husband.  He's a farmer and they live in Canada.

It almost brought tears to my eyes today - the way she expressed herself in words.

I wish I could write like that.  Please read it.  Click on her link below to read a beautiful love letter.

or just go to

holy experience

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

simul justus et peccator

"simultaneously justified and sinful"

The Gospel.

the good news that

even though we're more defective and lost than we ever imagined,
we can be more accepted and loved than we ever dared hope.

Why?? How??

Because Jesus Christ lived, died, and rose again for sinners like you and me.

Daily, Daily, Daily.  We need the gospel.  Day in and Day out.

God's Word.  Genesis thru Revelations. The Good News.

He became poor so that we might become rich

in His righteousness.

Clothed in His righteousness.  Resting in Him.

Monday, June 21, 2010

I Played Outside All Day Long

Well, actually, I worked in the yard.

But that is what it feels like.

Playing outside.

As a kid, in the summer, I loved it.  As a kid, I could just do that.  No grocery shopping.
No house cleaning.  Well, my room, but Mother didn't push that.  She pretty much did the cleaning.  I didn't have regular chores.  I played and I played and I played.

So, today, I just stayed outside. I didn't have anywhere I had to be or to go.

The whole day outside.

But I did have inside and outside moments.  And from the inside looking out - I love the colors.  the greens/the blues/the wash of yellow from sun.  It occurred to me, if I love those summer colors so much - why don't I try to match them inside my house?  Because.....I love fall colors too - and those warm hues are usually what I lean toward inside.  Especially when it's winter, when we're inside and it's cold out and gray.

Ahhhhhh.  I love this season and the heat and it goes all through me.  I like getting hot and wet and drenched and exhausted.  It clears my brain and head and I think and I think and I pray and I think and pray.  All of that. And I remember - and I look ahead and wonder and consider.

Charlie came home and wanted to work outside, too.  yay!  fun!  someone to play with me.

So we did that together and mopped with towels our necks our faces and rehydrated and pulled weeds and unwanted grasses in the beds.

Again - tired - but feels good and I sat on the porch.  I am amazed that people know what to do with their camera.  For me it's hit or miss.  But I sat in the swing enveloped by my porch and by dusk and wanted to get it in the camera.  I got portions of it - but I wanted the visual to enable you to hear the sounds.  Only a skilled photographer could do that.  Use your imagination.

I left the porch and walked back out into the yard.
The day was fading fast.
Why did I not want to lose it?
I don't know.  

End of day.
I'm inside.