Saturday, June 12, 2010

Back to 2010 and Scottsboro and some pictures from Italy

I have to stick my head back in 2010 for some fresh air.

All those black and whites and old letters - they inspire me - they're my roots - but I have to come back to this place all along.

I've been out in my yard on this very hot Friday - sweating like all get out - but I like it.  I love it, in fact.

I'll come in all along and inside have been exchanging emails with my friend, Val Carrier...and also, Mary Ann, regarding old family letters.  Val has been showing me her pictures of Florence, Italy.  She traveled with our mutual friend, Sarah Stoner Dodd, to Florence a couple or more years ago.

She told me, at the time, that she was going to Florence with Sarah.  Guess what I thought?  I thought she meant Florence, Alabama!  Seriously.  I didn't question her - just wondered why they were going there and where they would stay - but I did think they could swing by and pay me a visit.  Fortunately I began to think about it and it came into my brain like a light.  FLORENCE, ITALY...of course.

Recently in Sunday School - M Ferry was subbing for Charlie and he opened with this question - it really did have to do with where we were in the Old Testament.  He asked all of us, if we could move anywhere in the world - where would we pick.  Okay, I figured saying Evergreen, Alabama wasn't what he was looking for, so I didn't say that.  People were saying places - nice places - exciting - I couldn't think of anyplace I wanted to move to.  The largest city I could come up with was Birmingham, AL.  Mike said that didn't count.  Then I thought of a place - I had to first ask, "Is Tuscany a place or an interior design style or a type of food?"  chuckle, chuckle - then they said place and I named it.  I had images in my mind of Tuscany - steep narrow streets - houses really close to each other.  White Sun washed stucco walls - red rooftops.  In my mind.  I mouthed something to someone across the room, without saying it out loud, "and good wine".

Guess what?  In all that emailing today, Val sent me pictures from Tuscany.  It is a place, a region, and my friend has been there and her pictures are beautiful.  Just look.

She said that this man is sitting under an olive tree.

And this is Sarah and Val - she sent me this, too.
They're not in Tuscany here.  They might be at a lake in Alabama - like Lake Martin.
Not sure.
Sarah was my first roommate at Auburn, when I transferred my Junior Year.
Val and I were in buds in high school.

And this is Martha who they also see a good bit.
Martha and I were in high school together, too.
Martha and I have always known each other, I think.
...and Martha married my cousin, John.

Here is Mary, Martha's sister - she lives in Dothan with her husband, Pat, who is also from Evergreen.

Fun story which Martha and I enjoy recalling from time to time.
My mother and Martha's mother were pregnant with each of us at about the same time.
I was born in July of 51, and 3 months later Martha was born in October of 51.

A bit later, Mother was visiting with Addie(Martha's mom) and remarked to her,
"Addie, aren't you glad we're not pregnant?"  
to which Addie replied,
"But I am."
WOW!  and that is Mary up there, Martha's sister.  They are very close in age.  SMILE.

I joke about this - but.....  I introduced 2 of my college roommates to Val - Sarah, above, and Mary Emily Heard Mulloy.  Each of them lived in Birmingham for a bit and I had this friend Val who was good to befriend them since they were new in the city.  That was when we were all very very young - as in fresh out of college.    This is the way it goes...I introduce a friend to Val and then they like her better than they like me.  Go figure!  :-)

So - Mary Emily is no longer in B'ham although she was for a year, last year.  She has lived all over as a missionary.  She is so fun and so dear and so indwelled by Him.  Well, so are the others.  I love what God has done in their lives and they bless my heart - but I don't get to see them much.  It's just hard to get from here to there.  We're planning something soon, though.  I have to have my Birmingham fix.

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LB said...

and think of the insanely fresh pasta and salads that you could eat with that good wine. I think Tuscany is a great pick.