Sunday, June 20, 2010

How We Spent Our Sunday, or, Father's Day and What It Looked Like

Last night we were pretty tired.  It had been a full day.  Charlie crashed in his spot.  I crashed in mine.

Next Morning.  Sunday.  Up at 5:30 AM
This generation calls it Mississippi Mud.
When I was a kid, Mother made it and I thought it was the best thing ever.
She called it Glorified Fudge Cake.
That's what I call it.
It was today's dessert.

And I prepared to batter the chicken.
For Fried Chicken, Charlie's favorite.

It makes a mess.

Got that done and got ready for church.

Here Luke and Tripp are getting ready for the childrens' performance.

and Ellie, too.
Ellie was thrilled about the card she'd picked out for her Daddy.
They sang.  Seven Songs.  Whew!
Lots of songs.
We had church, came home and ate.
Fried Chicken, Squash, Carrots, Rice, Tomatoes, Cucumbers,  and Sweet Tea.
and, of course, the Glorified Fudge Cake.
After Andrews nap he feasted on our blueberries from Farmer's Market.
He loves them.

And then outside, Ann and I were planning to take Andrew for a walk.  So hot!
I have my camera back, can you tell?  More pictures of Hydrangeas.

That is not the end of this Father's Day.
Charlie is running.
Kate is driving home from Auburn.
and I need to do a few things.

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