Monday, June 21, 2010

I Played Outside All Day Long

Well, actually, I worked in the yard.

But that is what it feels like.

Playing outside.

As a kid, in the summer, I loved it.  As a kid, I could just do that.  No grocery shopping.
No house cleaning.  Well, my room, but Mother didn't push that.  She pretty much did the cleaning.  I didn't have regular chores.  I played and I played and I played.

So, today, I just stayed outside. I didn't have anywhere I had to be or to go.

The whole day outside.

But I did have inside and outside moments.  And from the inside looking out - I love the colors.  the greens/the blues/the wash of yellow from sun.  It occurred to me, if I love those summer colors so much - why don't I try to match them inside my house?  Because.....I love fall colors too - and those warm hues are usually what I lean toward inside.  Especially when it's winter, when we're inside and it's cold out and gray.

Ahhhhhh.  I love this season and the heat and it goes all through me.  I like getting hot and wet and drenched and exhausted.  It clears my brain and head and I think and I think and I pray and I think and pray.  All of that. And I remember - and I look ahead and wonder and consider.

Charlie came home and wanted to work outside, too.  yay!  fun!  someone to play with me.

So we did that together and mopped with towels our necks our faces and rehydrated and pulled weeds and unwanted grasses in the beds.

Again - tired - but feels good and I sat on the porch.  I am amazed that people know what to do with their camera.  For me it's hit or miss.  But I sat in the swing enveloped by my porch and by dusk and wanted to get it in the camera.  I got portions of it - but I wanted the visual to enable you to hear the sounds.  Only a skilled photographer could do that.  Use your imagination.

I left the porch and walked back out into the yard.
The day was fading fast.
Why did I not want to lose it?
I don't know.  

End of day.
I'm inside.

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