Friday, June 11, 2010

Still in Black & White

Did anyone read the post in which I wrote that my grandfather was very interested in Astronomy?
He was.  So was my uncle, Halbert, my dad's oldest brother.
Together they built this telescope and
the observatory in the next picture below.

That's Granddaddy in the space for viewing.
Do you see him?

So, sharing all of this with the reader,
I have this bit of memorabilia - a cutout from the Montgomery Advertiser.
Granddaddy submitted a letter to this regular feature.
It was in the Saturday Paper, February 11, 1956.
I was 4, about to turn 5 in July.

I wasn't reading newspapers in those days.
Just watching Howdy Doody on Saturday morning at 8:00.

His letter:  The Pleasures of Astronomy Editor, The Advertiser:  As a constant subscriber over many years to your valuable paper, I am calling your attention to the display of the stars in the heavens last evening.      Only those who have a telescope, such as that of my son, would have gone out last evening with me to look at the unusual brilliant display which occurred:  Orion, the planet, Jupiter and the Milky Way were among those objects to be seen.  There was no moon, and not a cloud to be seen, but the Nebula in Andromeda was worth seeing, including other objects, but not including the big and little dippers.    Take your force out some fair and cold night, with overcoats and show what can be seen.  Limitless in distance, realizing that somewhere in outer space is the heaven or the hell to which we are all foredoomed, after our eyes have been closed in death.   Troy, Ala.  J.H. Wilkerson

and with that,
below is a postcard when he, and apparently, grandmother with him, travelled to see the Smokey Mtns.
He mentions, again, his telescope in his note to Halbert who remained at home.

It reads above, "We take a trip everyday to some point, over mountain roads and foot.  Guess you went to C. Lake.  We will stay at Mrs. T.L. Gwyn's until Sat. morning.  This is much better place than Asheville.  Look at Mars Thursday with the 10 inch - See you no later than Sunday.  Father.
Waynesville - 7/24"   Postmarked 1939

Halbert stayed here, at home (picture below), while Granddaddy and  Grandmother travelled, that summer.
The picture of Daddy, yesterday, with his first band, which I posted, was taken in 1939, in December.
Wonder if they visited Daddy in Holly Springs.  I wonder if theirs was a really long roadtrip.
I don't know.  Just Wondering.

Are we getting tired of the old black and whites?
Laura Beth commented yesterday that she isn't tired of them.
I only need just a little bit of encouragement.

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joy said...

i love all this old memorabalia! and i am so thankful for your encouragement!