Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How This One Day Looked

Our day ended like this.

but it began like this......
with the sun just up and we had moved onto the porch, Ada and I.

Ada wanted most of the "kitchen stuff" and babies outside
so she could "play", "pretend".
I love to be outside and with my book, so we brought it all out.  Enough of those maddening cartoons.
They are mindless!
Let's pretend!  and she did.....

mine and Mary Ann's horse from childhood.
he still rides.

Ada posing in a serious look.  
She's NOT so serious, most of the time.

and the book I wanted to finish and will, tonight, probably.
and plan to post about it.  It's a must read and reread.

Still Ada with her book.
Since Near has a book.

Midday we met Ann and kids at McDonald's.
Kate and I both went with Laura Beth and her two.
We dominated the place - all of us.
Or so it seemed.

Andrew had a friend, his age, to toddle around with.

but after naps all gathered at my house for play and dinner and more play.
Ellie really took to the setup Ada had begun on my porch at the beginning of the day.
Luke here appears to be vying for dominance.  
Ellie usually wins.

but out in the yard Luke and Andrew have taken possession 
of the heights of the galvanized tub, belonging to Near and Charlie.

That was after Andrew and John had had some bonding time inside.
They have to connect - they're the two youngest!
Looks like Andrew is passing on some advice for baby John.

And in the yard the ladies dance.

Andrew plays in the wagon.

and Charlie arrives home to find a yard full of "knotheads"

After baths there was some relaxing on the couch, together, the cousins....

Brothers communicating in their own way....

and after the Barbers went home, with Kate, because Steve is gone this week....

Charlie, Ada and I caught lightening bugs.

and it's the end of the day

and Laura Beth's redheaded cabbage patch doll is still smiling in her high chair.

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