Tuesday, December 30, 2008

TUESDAY - PICTURES - 1961 and 2008

One more thing about that Christmas when I was 10 and in the fifth grade. Because I just typed, yesterday, from the diary entry which told what my gifts were - I am posting pictures. It occurred to me, that, not by plan, but I just happen to have in my house several of those gifts - so - pictures. First, I have my actual Chatty Cathy. I posted in December a picture of what my doll looked like - with the original dress, hair, etc. I got that picture off the internet. Below is my actual doll wearing an American Girl dress. Her body is exactly the same size and proportions as an American Girl doll. Isn't that great? I don't know why it's great, but I think it is. Well, maybe because we have so many of those clothes - but it's not like I ever change her a lot. I think I would if I had the time. My Chatty Cathy is wearing a dress handsewn by my Mother. It's from a dress pattern specifically for the American Girl dolls - I think it looks great on Chatty Cathy. Also, C.C.'s hair had gotten so askew many years ago that I decided to give her a bit of a haircut. I think it looks adorable. So - my Chatty Cathy - Isn't she adorable? I think she has the sweetest face.

Next is the Barbie Case I received for Christmas that year. I had only been playing with Barbies one year. I got my first one in the fourth grade. In those days we just got one Barbie and then collected clothes for them. I loved it that way. Eventually we would get a Ken and then Midge came on the scene. I did get a Midge. For my 6th grade graduation gift, Jeannie Knox Livings and Jane White together gave me a new Barbie. It was the one with the short Platinum colored bubble haircut. My first Barbie had the Ponytail with that silk hair and came with a black and white striped strapless bathing suit. My new Barbie with the short hair and pink lipstick had a red tank bathing suit - it had straps. Midge had red hair, freckles, and a two piece bathing suit. In those days Barbies, Kens, Midges, were 3.00. That was a lot. There were outfits which cost as much as 5.00, but I never got one that was so expensive. The most my parents spent on an outfit was maybe 3.00, but usually I got 2.50 or 1.50 outfits. It was always special occasion, like birthday or Christmas. I would also save up my money for her clothes. I still have a lot of those and need to get all of that down and sort out my things from my girls' Barbie things. Of course I'll post pictures when I do that.

You can see the section where the Barbie goes, and below is what used to be a drawer for her accessories, and there is a rack for hanging her clothes. That's it. One didn't expect to have so many things - this case was intended to be sufficient for the "middle class" little girl. They did make a larger one for those little girls whose parents bought them so very much and probably more than they needed.

Now my favorite stuffed animal. I loved this one. I know that I have already posted pictures of my diary, but I propped the diary up in front of the dog - just to give an idea of how it looked together. And, the diary was a Christmas gift that year. I'm not positive this is the dog I received that year, but I don't know what year, for sure, he came to me. I know he was a favorite and I loved his face. If I didn't get him in the 5th grade it was in the 4th or 3rd. I became very attached to my stuffed animals and my dolls. They were very real to me.

Isn't he cute???
Next - has nothing to do with my Santa Claus gifts that year.
Last night Ellie and Luke were over briefly - and toward the end of the visit - when Ann and Steve had come to get them - they began to dance - Ellie engaged Luke in this dance and they were loving it. Doesn't it look so festive? I had to get my camera and take a series of pictures.

That's it for today. I am almost finished with the Christmas Decorations being put away.
What is everyone doing for New Years' Eve and Day? More food!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Regarding the Post Earlier in the Day

It's much later in the day - I've been working steadily to take down Christmas Decorations. I've gotten everything down and in the dining room - to be packed away. Well, the tree isn't "undressed" yet.

So - a little typing now - to make some comments about diary entries in the earlier post, this morning.

1st: I wrote that we went to my grandmother's in Troy. That was her last Christmas. I don't remember much about that trip - which makes me a little sad - I have such vivid, detailed memories of so many things - and then it's so random about what I can't recall - the brain is so unusual and what we remember - well, there seems to be no rhyme or reason.

2nd: I wrote that my boyfriend came over - well - I remember that. After church that Sunday he came up to me with much enthusiasm and said, "I'll see you in a little bit at your house!!!". I remember that and I remember being very confused. I didn't know what he was talking about. I immediately confronted my mother and asked her to explain. Seems his parents had something that afternoon and had asked if David could stay at our house. I was mortified! I did NOT like that idea at all and did not want the school/church boyfriend world colliding with my
at home/neighborhood world. I just didn't think that was a good idea at all. Mom assured me it would be fine and she already knew I wouldn't like it, but had not been able to decline when Mrs. Whatley requested it. You might note that my cousin Rachel came over also. I think I remember making that request - as in, I can't just have him coming over - it would be too weird. So, Rachel, who would have been in the 3rd grade, was very willing to join the party. I also talked with Mother ahead of time and requested that she and daddy please not be too quick to scold about anything - It wasn't like they were tyrants. I just was trying to cover my bases. I recall that David was a rather hyper little boy and we played outside a lot that day. He just did not fit in my neighborhood with our usual neighborhood stuff. I recall a lot of running and loud crazy screaming - it just didn't fit at all. Rachel seemed to be enjoying herself. She was a rather rough and tumble little girl and liked all the rough antics. I was so glad when it was over. Some girlfriend I was, huh. Weird that that was how I spent Christmas Eve that year. I don't recall that it was very cold.

3rd: I wrote that Susan Ashcraft stayed with us while Mother and Daddy went to a party. Let me just say that Mother and Daddy were NOT party people. I can almost remember the few times they did that. Actually, I think they probably needed to party a little more than they did - unwind a bit. Daddy would have, I think - but Mom just wasn't into it. Which, honestly, I think us moms just get tired. We start out one way - and all the responsibility for the little lives and the physical exertion of everything just wears us down. Plus all the emotional attachment to the well being of our babies - there's a need to stay close to home. Anyway, I think Susan Ashcraft was probably 4 years older than I - so she would have been in the 9th grade. Mary Ann was in the 7th. She lived next door to us - so I'm sure it was just to have an extra person there. I wish I knew what party Mother and Daddy were going to.

4th: All the entries about playing with friends on my street. You see that I invited Jeannie B. over. She was my age, her sister Susan was Mary Ann's age. All our lives we were such good friends. I've written about them before in my blog. This summer, when I talked with Marilyn that day, I also talked with Jeannie - so much fun to reconnect. Jeannie lives by herself at Innerarity Point - between Pensacola and Orange Beach. Marilyn lives in Pensacola. Anyway, Susan and Jeannie lived across town(again, Evergreen wasn't and isn't a big town) on Main St. , in the rich, old money section of Evergreen - every town has that. Playing in her yard, on her street was as unique an experience as was my street. It was just all different and a different location. Marilyn, too, had a very unique old house and lived in another part of town - again - I know both of their houses and property so well. But Jeannie B. told me, when she and Susan were elementary age, that they called our street the happy street. Because there were so many kids on it, to play with. There were. We were all over Williams Street - in every yard - playing, playing, playing.

Okay - those are all the comments I have about those entries.

Starting Over

Okay - here's what I'm going to do - (which is amusing that I am typing this - as if there's this audience of people waiting on the edge to find out what I plan to do next with my post regarding my "past").

Anyway - I've just skimmed through my diary entries - They are so sparse in January and February to almost nothing the following months - so - I'm going to begin again - start over in the fifth grade when I received the diary as a Christmas Present. I was still all child. Not a hint of hormones - had not a clue that I would ever be any different. I did like boys a whole lot. A lot. I did in the first grade - I remember very real tingly feelings over the really "handsome" ones. I suppose that starts from day one, girls and boys liking each other - Anyway, I bring all of this up because my diary will mention a boyfriend I had in the fifth grade. His name was David Whatley. He was in the fourth grade and was the son of our minister. His family moved at the end of that year, and I remember feeling relieved because I had lost interest in him and didn't know how to handle that. Isn't that funny? My friend, Jane White, had a boyfriend, Jimmy Hart - he lived on our street - so, it was all a big deal. Jane was a grade below me, and Jimmy was actually in my class at school. Miss McMillan was my teacher. She was rather old and had also been my mother's school teacher. Her brother was Mr. Paul McMillan, whom we called Mr. Mac. They were both very "old school" disciplinarians. Neither one was married and lived in a small house across the street from the school. I was scared of both of them. I was a very very very obedient student and did nothing to try to break any rules. Talking was always a problem for me, so I often had to be shushed. Miss McMillan had a very thick paddle she threatened everyone with. Of course I never even got close to having it used on me. But certain boys did. Isn't that horrible? Today she'd be in jail for the licks she gave some of those boys. Lawsuits out the roof would be all over her. And if anyone was sent to Mr. Mac! Oh my gosh. I don't even like to think about it. Now that I'm an adult I think about them and I do believe they had a few issues about being single. They were rigid beyond all rigid and I was always liked by my teachers, but I don't think Miss McMillan liked me. It would seem that she looked for reasons to get mad at me, but my inner constitution was quite stable and I didn't take it to heart. I had a sense that she was wrong. But I didn't go home whining to Mother and Daddy about it. I just dealt with it. That happened to be a year when a lot of the little boys liked me - in the fifth grade - imagine that! - and there were class votes for this or that, which the boys aggressively raised their hands voting for me - and Miss McMillan made enough comments that I could tell she somehow thought of the whole thing as immoral - that I attracted those little boys - In those days if the little boys understood perverse things, they never said anything that I heard - everyone seemed the same amount of innocent and naive. Even in the 6th grade. How sad that our culture has so drastically changed. Innocence is often stolen.

Okay - so here are the first diary entries in the fifth grade. I received it on Christmas Morning, but began filling in the daily pages out of memory. So entries actually begin before Christmas Day.
Here I am, back in fifth grade:

Friday December 22, 1961: Dear Diary, Today I went to my grandmother's in Troy. I had a nice time.
Saturday, December 23, 1961: Dear Diary, Today I went caroling then we went over to the preacher's house for refreshments. Rev. Whatley.
Sunday, December 24, 1961: Dear Diary, Today my boyfriend David Whatley came over. So did Rachel Price, my cousin. We had fun. (in the entry I drew a heart with an arrow through it)
Monday December 25, 1961: Dear Diary, Today I got a doll, this diary, a barbie doll case. Bedroom shoes, gloves, stuffed dogs, socks, pajama dog, & robe.
Tuesday December 26, 1961: Dear Diary, Today I played with my new toys. I also played with my friends down the street. Jane and Nancy White, and Jimmy and Becky Hart, Johnny Blackmon and Gene Glass.
Wednesday December 27, 1961: Dear Diary, Today we went to Troy, when we got back Mother and Daddy went to a party. Susan Ashcraft stayed with us. (Mary Ann & Me)
Thursday December 28, 1961: Dear Diary, Today I played with my friend Jeannie Knox and my cousin Rachel.
Friday December 29, 1961: Dear Diary, Today I played with my friends Jane and Nancy White, Jeannie Knox Livings, & Mary Ann Hartley.
Saturday December 30, 1961: Dear Diary, Today my friend Jeannie B. Price, came over, we played with Jane & Nancy White & Mary Ann Hartley
Sunday December 31, 1961: Dear Diary Jeannie B. & Susan Price spent the night with us. We let the New Year come by staying up till 12:00.
There are so many stories to go with some of these entries - but I can't stay at the computer any longer. Perhaps I'll comment in another post later in the day.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Remember the Diary Entries

All during Christmas I didn't post my diary entries - there was a reason.

Because there weren't many - I was getting older and less interested - it was the year I got my Chatty Baby and really shouldn't have. I had begun to outgrow dolls and diaries. Sad - because journaling is for every age - hence this posting I do.

So...today I looked to see what entries I posted in December of 1962. I was 11 and I was in the 6th grade. I always was one of the younger ones in my class - not turning the designated age until July 14th. There are a few interesting items I'll talk about....so, here goes....

Sunday December 16, 1962: Dear Diary, Went to Sunday School and Church.
Monday December 17, 1962: Dear Diary, went to band.
Tuesday December 18, 1962: Dear Diary, We had Christmas Play
Wednesday December 19, 1962: Same old school day
Thursday December 20, 1962: Had a Christmas Party at school
No Entry Friday and Saturday
Sunday December 23, 1962: Went to play with Marilyn Mason.
Monday December 24, 1962: Made gingerbread cookies. Went visiting. Halbert came.
Tuesday December 25, 1962: Dear Diary, I got a Chatty baby, Jon Gnagy drawing kit, purse, gloves, nylon robe(red), nightgown, slip, jigsaw puzzle.
Wednesday December 26, 1962: Dear Diary, went to the show "Lady and the Tramp"
& "Almost Angels"
Thursday December 27, 1962: Dear Diary, Played with Jane. We played dolls.
Friday December 28, 1962: Dear Diary, Spent the day with Jeannie Knox
Saturday December 29, 1962: Dear Diary, Spent the day and night with Rachel.
Mary Ann too.
Sunday December 30, 1962: Dear Diary, Went to Sunday School and Church with Rachel. Mary Ann, too!
Monday December 31, 1962: Went to the show, "The Music Man".
Tuesday January 1, 1963: Dear Diary, ate dinner with Ella
So, there are a few entries into 1963, but they thin out. I'll do the January ones later.
I just want to say something about the entry on December 23. It says I played with Marilyn Mason.
Marilyn and I go so far back - to the Nursery at the Evergreen Methodist Church. We both grew up in that church. I've written about her. We went to Camp Grandview together, to Blue Lake Camp together - we were together 1st - 12th grades. Our childhood was a bit closer than our teen years. We were majorettes together - but still - teen years began to separate us. It's hard to be too distant in high school in Evergreen, AL - It's not big.
Let me just say that until this summer, in July, I had not talked with her in about 25 or 26 years. I called her in July after receiving the tragic news that a mutual high school friend had had a child killed in a car accident. On that day I talked with 3 former high school friends with whom I hadn't spoken in many years. Those phone conversations were quite the reunion.
Here it is December - I sent Christmas Cards....late. I don't normally send one to Marilyn, but I did, having spoken with her in July. So - she surprised me with a phone call on the night of December 22nd. That's my point. In my diary I played with her on December 23(Charlie's birthday - wonder what he was doing in 1962) - fast forward, to December 22, 2008 - and she calls me to thank me for the card and tell me how she loved the picture I sent and to restate that she so enjoyed our conversation in July. I did too. She said what I felt - that after all those years - we still felt like those little girls on the inside.
Mother always said that - in her 80's - she still felt the same inside.
Notice that I made Gingerbread cookies - on Christmas Eve in 1962 - I guarantee it's that same recipe that I've already posted about. It's all we knew.
Also, I have no recollection of that Saturday night spent at my cousin Rachel's house, also Mary Ann. And going to church with her. That was highly unusual. Mom and Dad must have prearranged that - I can't imagine where they were. Grandmother had died that fall - Halbert(my bachelor uncle, brother to Daddy) had already visited us on Christmas Eve. I think he spent the night with us - which probably wasn't too enjoyable for him. He was such a bachelor and not accustomed to mine and Mary Ann's silliness. I have no idea where Mother and Daddy were, unless we just did that for the fun of it. But knowing our folks, they wouldn't have allowed that on a Saturday night with Church the next day. Wonder where Ella and Elbert were, whose house was on the same property. I'm very curious.
Those movies - that's what we did - went to the movies - The Picture Show - The Pix Theatre -
Great Memories.
I remember those movies.
I have to say that I specifically remember that Christmas day - my favorite thing was the Red Nylon Robe I received. If anyone knows me at all, I am rather plain. I don't wear a lot of jewelry. I look for excuses not to wear makeup - the less I have to do to my hair, the better. Some of my favorite outfits are sweatshirts I bought at Wal-Mart several years ago and elastic waisted pants I bought at JC Penney 5 years ago. But what noone knows is there is this very loud, gaudy fussy lady on the inside, somewhere in there. She's not dominant, but she's there. As a child I loved to wear very loud red lipstick - I still fantasize about red dresses - like the one Scarlet wore in Gone with the Wind on her very scorned evening. I played constantly in Mother's costume jewlery, if she let me - the more dangly, the better. I dreamed of Velvet and Fur and Satin and anything shimmery and really almost tacky.
That Red Robe which was very lacy and shimmery was what I loved. I was thrilled to have it. Mother knew me well. I hadn't even asked for it. I don't know where she got it.
That morning, when we were off to Ella and Elbert's for more Christmas with extended family, I have a vivid image in my brain of packing that robe, along with other gifts from Santa, in my Chatty Baby Box, to take over to Ella's - and I have another image in my brain of swooping that robe out to show my cousins. How mindless was I?????? I do recall that noone seemed quite as impressed with it as I was.
So... that is all I have to say about those diary entries.
I'll go ahead and post this - although I just posted yesterday - and already this morning.
I am alone in the house.
Sarah and Kate are taking Rachel Slay on a tour of Scottsboro.
Ann, Ellie and Luke are at their house.
Charlie is at the church cleaning.
I'm here alone.

When It's Over, It's Over - or - You Can Get Too Much of Ice Cream

My grandmother, Ella, used to say that about anything wonderful - "You can get too much of ice cream" - Overload, Too much of a good thing, burnout -

On December 26 I am ready for all the red and green to come down - but it does take a while. One year I went nuts and put everything up on Christmas Day. I didn't even plan to do it, but I got started and didn't stop until my house looked like it did before the decorations.

My blog looks different for now - it's not going to stay this way - but it's my January look - January is a unique month - as we all know - we can make it cozy and not so bleak. We can enjoy the elements that force us inside, or that make us appreciate the comforts of indoors. Cabin fever is a serious threat - but all the hope(the biblical kind, which means we know for certain the thing will happen) of spring. Those earliest shoots and green leaves. It won't be long.

In our family the earliest little blossom will come in February - Andrew Bailey Barber is due to arrive on February 8. Can't wait for that! Praying all goes well.

Sarah and Kate have a friend coming today - so I am not going to write anymore - I need to do a bit of tidying up and changing sheets - I know it's not January yet - but it isn't Christmas, anymore, either. 2009 is less than a week away.

Friday, December 26, 2008

The Past Four Days

I haven't posted since December 21st. That was on a Sunday. That was also the day that Laura Beth, Scott and Ada returned to Scottsboro, after their weekend spent with Scott's family. Laura Beth and Scott had pre-requested a "date night", which would involve Charlie and me keeping Ada and putting her to bed. We were glad to do that, of course, and below are some pictures of that night. Ada seems to be helping Charlie build a fire. :-)

(Disclaimer - I haven't proofed this post very well -
so, I'll correct any errors as I read it all along)

Next.... Ada has moved on and managed to wiggle back behind my basket of throws(blankets) and has found our phone/answering machine. I usually use the basket to block that from her curious hands, but apparently the basket had been moved a bit and Ada happened upon that adult error.

But moving on..... (you'll notice in the foreground of the picture, parts of the nativity scene have been moved to the coffee table. Ada makes a moo-ing sound when she holds the sheep)

I guess she had gone to get Charlie, because now he appears in the picture. I'm on the couch with the camera. :-)

And now we move to December 22nd. That would be Monday. I had made a large dutch oven of Red Beans and Rice. A favorite recipe of mine, using a recipe from Williams Sonoma. It was that very cold day and night, as you can see in the pictures how bundled up everyone is. Everyone was there that night. Scott had not yet gone back to McDonough. Mary Ann, my sister, had not yet arrived, but it was all my girls, 2 sons-in-law, and 3 grandchildren.

Luke is very pleased with his new winter's cap. He really likes it.

I don't know what Ada is saying to Luke. He doesn't look pleased.

Charlie looks amused.

Ellie smiling for the camera.

And again.

Charlie holding Luke, Doggie, and Blankie

Laura Beth and Ada

And now we moved to Christmas Day.

But first...

On the 23rd, well, that was Charlie's Birthday.

I did my Christmas Grocery shopping, early that day, at Wal-Mart, with Ada helping me. At that point, much closer to being bankrupt than we had been before my grocery shopping was done, we returned home, to my house. Many trips back and forth later, bringing groceries in, and shifting all things in the refrig - what a task! - we prepared to go out to Ann's for dinner. She was preparing Charlie's Birthday dinner. I took a Wal-Mart Cake for the fun of it with E. and L. in mind. Charlie prefers his favorite desserts - he's not a cake person. Mary Ann arrived mid afternoon and she was able to join us for dinner at Ann's. It was all fun and Charlie got a few gifts - The food was great - Ann had prepared Chicken Pie. It was ultimate comfort food.

On December 24th - Christmas Eve - we had a Church service at 4:00 pm. That was nice, very nice - but leading up to that was meal preparation all day. We were doing our big family Christmas Meal on Christmas Eve - part of our tradition - and that was being prepared.

Charlie had purchased a 13 pound Standing Rib Roast at Star Market in Huntsville - It had to be put in the oven as early as 10:45 to slow cook. We like it rare and it was scrumptious.

Sides were very specially done green beans, smashed baked potatoes, and hot fruit casserole - and yeast rolls. It was all delicious - I like to pull out all the stops, using my fine china, crystal, sterling silver flatware, white tablecloths, candlelight - it was nice. Worth all the trouble at least once a year.

Christmas Day....

Not a lot of pictures, but a few. Santa Claus came to the Barber's home. Laura Beth, Scott, Ada and Sarah had spent the night out there. Sarah wanted to be where Santa was; she hadn't experienced that in a while -

So, Christmas morning all folks at the Rhodes' home woke up, prepared a bit, and we all drove out to Ann and Steve's. There was much excitement, we had breakfast, admired what Santa had brought - and then decided to return to my house for Family Gifts (we had planned to save that for Christmas night) So - with everyone still having the "just waked up look", we moved the party back to 1412 Byron Rd.

Below are just a few pictures. It was hard to take many with all the hoopla.

Luke in his new Handy Manny pajamas and Elmo bedroom slippers

Ellie's new PJ's, with flowers

Luke buried in his new sleeping bag, from Charlie and Near.

Lightening McQueen, from the movie Cars, is all over the sleeping bag.

Luke faking sleep in his sleeping bag.

closeup of the elmo slippers on Luke's foot, sticking out the side of the unzipped sleeping bag

Laura Beth and Kate, seated, Ada on floor, and Scott standing, in the red shirt.

Okay, I'll admit, this grandmother seems to have been drawn to Luke images that morning. It was his pj's and slippers and Christmas morning demeanor that kept my camera on him.

I owe Ann and Steve a big apology for this gift to Ellie.

I saw it at Wal-mart. It is a cupcake maker designated for noone below 8 years of age...

b-b-b-but it looked like sooooo much fun!

This is my kitchen counter, but is Ann supervising making the cupcakes, while Sarah reads the instructions out loud. Ann was soooo tired by that time. Do all mom's remember that feeling???? the exhaustion that has built up and hit an all time peak on Christmas Day???? Not to mention that Ann is 1 month from her due date - well, almost 1 month. Practically one month.

I remember that kind of Christmas. 3 of my girls were born about 1 1/2 month after Christmas Day. Double dose of tired. We almost had to carry Ann on a stretcher to the car, for them to go home. They did that and I think all 4 crashed that afternoon. Well, Ann and Luke did. Ellie didn't, therefore Steve didn't. He allowed Ann the sleeptime.

And now, the pictures below are of Ada.

She napped at my house and this is an extreme version of how her hair looks when she wakes up

Laura Beth, Scott and Ada returned to McDonough, GA that afternoon.

We all did a little winding down.

Ann, Steve, and the children returned to our house for our final planned meal - deli sandwiches, potato salad, layered dip, and layered salad. Again, all very good and all went home.

Today is today. December 26 - and that is what we've done without all the extra details - and why I haven't been posting each day.

Time to move on.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

My Christmas Tree; It's Prettier Than the Picture Shows

O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!

Thy leaves are so unchanging;

O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!

Thy leaves are so unchanging;

The little reindeer below - I love it - when Ann was a baby on my hip, 10 months, I walked up to the tree to show her this ornament. She burst into terrified tears. I had to walk away to comfort her. I didn't love scaring her - I thought she'd like it.

But it's such an endearing moment and I was able to comfort her.

What Mother doesn't want to always do that?

Not only green when summer's here,

But also when 'tis cold and drear.

O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!

Thy leaves are so unchanging!

O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!

Much pleasure thou can'st give me;

O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!

Much pleasure thou can'st give me;

How often has the Christmas tree

Afforded me the greatest glee!

O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!

Much pleasure thou can'st give me.

The Santa ornament, below, is a dough ornament I made. We did that one year. I have the recipe for that dough and Ann and I had planned to do that this year. We didn't. Maybe next year, when Andrew is 10 months. Yeah, that should be easy.

O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!

Thy candles shine so brightly!

O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!

Thy candles shine so brightly!

From base to summit, gay and bright,

There's only splendor for the sight.

O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!

Thy candles shine so brightly!

The little ones who hang on my tree; Laura Beth in the first grade.

O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!

How richly God has decked thee!

O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!

How richly God has decked thee!

Sarah in the second or 3rd grade.

Thou bidst us true and faithful be,

And trust in God unchangingly.

O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!

How richly God has decked thee! !

Ann in the first grade.

Kate in the 1st or Kindergarten

Ann and Ellie, side by side

Ann, again, in our front yard, 1005 Birchwood Drive.

And Ellie - I couldn't locate Luke on the tree - and I am missing my Ada ornament.

I have to take care of that - Luke and Ada must have a place on the tree!!!

Before there was Kate - Laura Beth, Ann and Sarah

I keep even the construction paper ornaments - well, some of them.

Dough ornament, again. A tree, made by Ann, when she was little.

A Gingerbread Man made by Kate when she was little - cut out of sandpaper.

Ann in 2 ornaments, plus Santa.

All four of my girls in this ornament.

And Ellie peeking from behind the reindeer and other ornaments.

O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!

Thy leaves are so unchanging;