Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I've spent all morning setting up the Gingerbread House Village.
I have to add the finishing touches.
So, those pictures will come later.
Below are five of this season's images.
Not extraordinary, but it's all I have.
We had a storm last night and I thought it would blow everyone's decorations far far away.

I bought pine gardland at Home Depot.

I've had this since we lived in the white house on Birchwood. It was one of the earliest decorations I bought. Ann was probably a baby when I bought it, at the Village Frame Shop on the Square - which is no longer a business. It's survived my four children at every age and this year, 2008, Ellie tried with all her might to lift the red bird off the nest. No child has ever tried to do that. So, I explained to her, as did Ann, that it's meant just to look at. Not lift. She looked confused and wondering what the point was - if one couldn't pick the bird up.

One of my Nativity Scenes.
I love this one and have collected it over the years. I couldn't buy the whole thing at once.
Each year I've added to it - and now feel that it is full enough.
I like to put this one low, so it is interactive with the children.
It isn't breakable - by normal standards - :-) -
Ellie and Luke were looking at it and began to play with it. It ended up in various parts of the Living Room. Ellie began to sing Away in a Manger. We both did.

That's all for today.
I'll try to get pictures of my Gingerbread Village that are flattering to the whole look.
The ones I took made it look rather bleak.

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Hollen said...

I love your decorations! We have our Christmas tree and outside we put up icicle lights. So fun. :)