Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's 6:43 AM on Tuesday. I am already dressed and ready for the day. I am posting now because I didn't post yesterday. I had planned to have pictures of Scottsboro's Christmas Parade.

On Sunday I mentioned to Luke that he could ride in the parade with Charlie, who was on a float representing his office which is the District Attorney's office. The theme of the float was, well, Zero Meth. Nothing says "Merry Christmas" like Zero Meth. :-) Anyway, Luke was so excited and walked up to so many random people at church telling them he was going to ride in the parade with Charlie and that it would be so much fun. Only no one could understand what he was saying and he was so short compared to the adults - so I followed him and translated. Ellie didn't seem to want to do that...ride in the parade with Charlie.

Yesterday, Monday, was so very cold. Solid rain, sleet, and snow. It didn't stick in the valley, but it did up in the mountains - so it was all over the news - the different depths folks had around the area. Ann and I both agreed that it was too cold for Luke to ride in the parade and that he wouldn't even know he'd missed it - I don't think he understood what he was saying when he talked about it. Plan was to go to the church which is on Broad Street, where the parade goes - and watch from the front window, or even go to the street - but there would be access to warmth and McDonald's Happy Meals. I would meet them there.

End of the story, none of us went to the parade. The parade started at 6:30 and who can see or enjoy a parade very well in the dark when it's so cold and wet. I was able to stay at home. Yay!

Charlie came home to bundle up really good - and he did - so, the parade was a hit - His float was appreciated by the spectators. They threw T-Shirts as well as candy and he said people really got excited over the T-Shirts. The T-Shirts have "Zero Meth" on the front of them.

This post isn't very Christmasy - but it was going to be if I'd gone to the parade - But today is December 2 and we are getting ready for our Christmas Dinner at Church tomorrow night. Today begins preparations - decorating the tree - which Steve got yesterday - different ladies decorating a table - we're preparing for 136(last count) people - Wayne, Steve's dad, is going to be our speaker, after the meal - Everyone's excited about that - Ellie and Luke are ESPECIALLY excited about it - it means Nana and Poppie are going to be at their house. That would be Diana and Wayne.

This morning I am taking Luke to Huntsville with me, so Ann can get some stuff done around the house - Ellie will be at school - This afternoon and evening perhaps I can take pictures of our decorating activities.

I haven't done anything to my house yet - which is why I don't have my usual house photo for the welcome picture.

I did make fudge and toffee candy yesterday - that's a start for this holiday season.

Merry Christmas - enjoy it all!

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Hollen said...

:) Wow...that is so cool! Aww, soo cute that Luke was so excited to do that! LOL I am happy that he wasn't dissapointed when he couldn't though! LOL that wouldn't have been good! Oh, I am soooo jealous that Nana and Poppy got to come and see Ann's house! :0 LOL I wish that I could be there! Love you all!