Sunday, November 30, 2008


The catalog page below looks familiar to me.
It's how Christmas looked to me as the season began.
Staring at the catalog pages,
imagining all the dolls and
what it would be like to have them.
Each Christmas I picked one...a new doll.
These are what the shoes looked like, belonging to my new Little Miss Revlon Doll.
I honestly can't remember what year I got her. I can't factor it in. But I was young, and it was before Barbies. So, I was in the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd grade - or maybe 4th.
I named her Tammy, after the movie "Tammy and the Bachelor" starring Debbie Reynolds.
I would sit at the head of my bed where there was an open window - and I would hold "Tammy" there, in the window sill, as if she were dancing on a stage, and I would sing the theme song from that movie. I can't believe I just told that. I'm still kinda weird that way.

This is exactly what my Chatty Baby looked like. I got her in the 6th grade. I was actually outgrowing dolls, but couldn't resist asking for one. I had gotten Chatty Cathy in the 5th and loved her. Chatty Cathy is upstairs, now, in one of the bedrooms - and I still have a fondest and affection for her. I never really bonded with Chatty Baby. Sad.

This has nothing to do with Christmas, but is a picture of Charlie on a horse. With his cowboy hat. He was 4 and loving little boy things. I knew nothing about his world. We were both young once upon a time and have many many Christmas memories and stories.

It's Sunday night - and tomorrow, for me, begins the official Christmas Season.
Of course the real meaning and reason we celebrate is the birth of our Savior.
Of course. Praise Him for all that it means - all that He means - and I thank him for the magic of the season and the wonder of it all - the magic my parents created for me - the hope they demonstrated to me - so that in all of that safety and secure love - it was so natural to trust the one true God who sent His Son to take on my sin, so that I could take on His righteousness.
Praise God for all of that - and all the family he blessed me with.

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Hollen said...

Thanks so much for posting! I rally enjoy reading. :) PRETTY HORSE! LOL Yeah, I am in 7th grade and I still like dolls...shhhh that is a secret! LOL :) I also REALLY want a horse of my own because I love horses and ranches and barns and all that good stuff...yet I like dolls too...quite the contrast! LOL