Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Why I Haven't been Posting, or Santa Came Early to My House

Sarah and Kate arrived on Monday. Laura Beth and Ada had been dropped off by Scott on Sunday, at Ann's house. We all ate, Sunday night, at Ann's. On Monday night the plan was to eat at my house - we did. Ellie and Luke had both had good naps so no need to go home too early - besides, we had our tree up, Charlie was putting the lights on, and Ellie helped Sarah and Kate put the zillions of ornaments on it - but what to do about Ada - who was getting sleepy for her reguar bedtime. I suggested LB put her down at my house. She did, so while the tree was being decorated there was good "sister" conversation around the dining table. (the tree is in our dining room) Ellie was loving all the ornaments, and tried to spend the night. It didn't work out - Ann, LB and Ellie went home at 9:00. Steve had already taken Luke home. Luke was delighted to go with his Daddy. So, Ada woke at my house at 6:15. Below are pictures I took of Ada at 6:30 am.

She had to wear some pj's belonging to Luke. They were left at my house.

Climbing, always climbing.

Almost there.
So - no time for pictures or blogging since then, but today we went to Ellie's Christmas Program at Cumberland Presbyterian.
I managed to get a few pictures.

Luke telling us he saw Ellie.

Laura Beth and Ada.
Laura Beth should have been recognized. She is a former star in this very Program. She was Mary the year she was 4.
Sarah, too, should have been recognized. She designed the Program the year she was in Kindergarten here.

Kate holding Luke at the Program


Ellie after her performance.
She was part of the Santa team and sung with much gusto.

We're trying to decide what to do at this point.

We're all trying to gather the cousins outside for a group picture.
Not working out.

Still not working.

Best we can do.

Or this.

Ann's two children do NOT like to have messy hands.
Neither Luke nor Ellie.

I'm taking a picture of Steve trying to get a fam. picture.


Our attempts at getting a Barber family picture.
Luke wasn't into it at all, plus folks were talking to Ann

We all went to Wendy's to celebrate the day.
This would be Kate who was begging me not to take her picture.
I think she looks pretty.

Wendy's food and Ada.
After Wendy's Ellie and Luke rode with me to my house to get on comfy clothes.
Ada rode with Ann and LB because she was going down for a nap.
I missed Biggest Loser Finale last night, Ann had taped it, so I was going to her house to watch it.
After that, I brought Ada home with me, so the two pix below are of Ada at my house.
LB is getting some added down time attached to the great 2 hour nap Ada took.
Ellie and Luke are napping
Ann is out and about and will come by to get Ada after she finished her running around
The weather is wet and chilly outside.
Glad to be in.

So - all of the above is what I've been about these past few days - plus it's Christmas and last minute stuff.

But I had a moment to do this pictorial post and this will one day be a very wonderful memory.

Right now it is very in the present.

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