Tuesday, December 30, 2008

TUESDAY - PICTURES - 1961 and 2008

One more thing about that Christmas when I was 10 and in the fifth grade. Because I just typed, yesterday, from the diary entry which told what my gifts were - I am posting pictures. It occurred to me, that, not by plan, but I just happen to have in my house several of those gifts - so - pictures. First, I have my actual Chatty Cathy. I posted in December a picture of what my doll looked like - with the original dress, hair, etc. I got that picture off the internet. Below is my actual doll wearing an American Girl dress. Her body is exactly the same size and proportions as an American Girl doll. Isn't that great? I don't know why it's great, but I think it is. Well, maybe because we have so many of those clothes - but it's not like I ever change her a lot. I think I would if I had the time. My Chatty Cathy is wearing a dress handsewn by my Mother. It's from a dress pattern specifically for the American Girl dolls - I think it looks great on Chatty Cathy. Also, C.C.'s hair had gotten so askew many years ago that I decided to give her a bit of a haircut. I think it looks adorable. So - my Chatty Cathy - Isn't she adorable? I think she has the sweetest face.

Next is the Barbie Case I received for Christmas that year. I had only been playing with Barbies one year. I got my first one in the fourth grade. In those days we just got one Barbie and then collected clothes for them. I loved it that way. Eventually we would get a Ken and then Midge came on the scene. I did get a Midge. For my 6th grade graduation gift, Jeannie Knox Livings and Jane White together gave me a new Barbie. It was the one with the short Platinum colored bubble haircut. My first Barbie had the Ponytail with that silk hair and came with a black and white striped strapless bathing suit. My new Barbie with the short hair and pink lipstick had a red tank bathing suit - it had straps. Midge had red hair, freckles, and a two piece bathing suit. In those days Barbies, Kens, Midges, were 3.00. That was a lot. There were outfits which cost as much as 5.00, but I never got one that was so expensive. The most my parents spent on an outfit was maybe 3.00, but usually I got 2.50 or 1.50 outfits. It was always special occasion, like birthday or Christmas. I would also save up my money for her clothes. I still have a lot of those and need to get all of that down and sort out my things from my girls' Barbie things. Of course I'll post pictures when I do that.

You can see the section where the Barbie goes, and below is what used to be a drawer for her accessories, and there is a rack for hanging her clothes. That's it. One didn't expect to have so many things - this case was intended to be sufficient for the "middle class" little girl. They did make a larger one for those little girls whose parents bought them so very much and probably more than they needed.

Now my favorite stuffed animal. I loved this one. I know that I have already posted pictures of my diary, but I propped the diary up in front of the dog - just to give an idea of how it looked together. And, the diary was a Christmas gift that year. I'm not positive this is the dog I received that year, but I don't know what year, for sure, he came to me. I know he was a favorite and I loved his face. If I didn't get him in the 5th grade it was in the 4th or 3rd. I became very attached to my stuffed animals and my dolls. They were very real to me.

Isn't he cute???
Next - has nothing to do with my Santa Claus gifts that year.
Last night Ellie and Luke were over briefly - and toward the end of the visit - when Ann and Steve had come to get them - they began to dance - Ellie engaged Luke in this dance and they were loving it. Doesn't it look so festive? I had to get my camera and take a series of pictures.

That's it for today. I am almost finished with the Christmas Decorations being put away.
What is everyone doing for New Years' Eve and Day? More food!

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Hollen said...

HOW COOL! :) I love the pictures of Ellie and Luke. :) We are going to my cousin's house tonight and a younger couple from our church is coming and we are going to have an Italian New Year's Eve thing and eat lasagna (IDK how to spell that) and watch Ratatoulli...spelling? LOL and most likely we will stay and watch the ball drop in Times Square. :)