Friday, December 26, 2008

The Past Four Days

I haven't posted since December 21st. That was on a Sunday. That was also the day that Laura Beth, Scott and Ada returned to Scottsboro, after their weekend spent with Scott's family. Laura Beth and Scott had pre-requested a "date night", which would involve Charlie and me keeping Ada and putting her to bed. We were glad to do that, of course, and below are some pictures of that night. Ada seems to be helping Charlie build a fire. :-)

(Disclaimer - I haven't proofed this post very well -
so, I'll correct any errors as I read it all along)

Next.... Ada has moved on and managed to wiggle back behind my basket of throws(blankets) and has found our phone/answering machine. I usually use the basket to block that from her curious hands, but apparently the basket had been moved a bit and Ada happened upon that adult error.

But moving on..... (you'll notice in the foreground of the picture, parts of the nativity scene have been moved to the coffee table. Ada makes a moo-ing sound when she holds the sheep)

I guess she had gone to get Charlie, because now he appears in the picture. I'm on the couch with the camera. :-)

And now we move to December 22nd. That would be Monday. I had made a large dutch oven of Red Beans and Rice. A favorite recipe of mine, using a recipe from Williams Sonoma. It was that very cold day and night, as you can see in the pictures how bundled up everyone is. Everyone was there that night. Scott had not yet gone back to McDonough. Mary Ann, my sister, had not yet arrived, but it was all my girls, 2 sons-in-law, and 3 grandchildren.

Luke is very pleased with his new winter's cap. He really likes it.

I don't know what Ada is saying to Luke. He doesn't look pleased.

Charlie looks amused.

Ellie smiling for the camera.

And again.

Charlie holding Luke, Doggie, and Blankie

Laura Beth and Ada

And now we moved to Christmas Day.

But first...

On the 23rd, well, that was Charlie's Birthday.

I did my Christmas Grocery shopping, early that day, at Wal-Mart, with Ada helping me. At that point, much closer to being bankrupt than we had been before my grocery shopping was done, we returned home, to my house. Many trips back and forth later, bringing groceries in, and shifting all things in the refrig - what a task! - we prepared to go out to Ann's for dinner. She was preparing Charlie's Birthday dinner. I took a Wal-Mart Cake for the fun of it with E. and L. in mind. Charlie prefers his favorite desserts - he's not a cake person. Mary Ann arrived mid afternoon and she was able to join us for dinner at Ann's. It was all fun and Charlie got a few gifts - The food was great - Ann had prepared Chicken Pie. It was ultimate comfort food.

On December 24th - Christmas Eve - we had a Church service at 4:00 pm. That was nice, very nice - but leading up to that was meal preparation all day. We were doing our big family Christmas Meal on Christmas Eve - part of our tradition - and that was being prepared.

Charlie had purchased a 13 pound Standing Rib Roast at Star Market in Huntsville - It had to be put in the oven as early as 10:45 to slow cook. We like it rare and it was scrumptious.

Sides were very specially done green beans, smashed baked potatoes, and hot fruit casserole - and yeast rolls. It was all delicious - I like to pull out all the stops, using my fine china, crystal, sterling silver flatware, white tablecloths, candlelight - it was nice. Worth all the trouble at least once a year.

Christmas Day....

Not a lot of pictures, but a few. Santa Claus came to the Barber's home. Laura Beth, Scott, Ada and Sarah had spent the night out there. Sarah wanted to be where Santa was; she hadn't experienced that in a while -

So, Christmas morning all folks at the Rhodes' home woke up, prepared a bit, and we all drove out to Ann and Steve's. There was much excitement, we had breakfast, admired what Santa had brought - and then decided to return to my house for Family Gifts (we had planned to save that for Christmas night) So - with everyone still having the "just waked up look", we moved the party back to 1412 Byron Rd.

Below are just a few pictures. It was hard to take many with all the hoopla.

Luke in his new Handy Manny pajamas and Elmo bedroom slippers

Ellie's new PJ's, with flowers

Luke buried in his new sleeping bag, from Charlie and Near.

Lightening McQueen, from the movie Cars, is all over the sleeping bag.

Luke faking sleep in his sleeping bag.

closeup of the elmo slippers on Luke's foot, sticking out the side of the unzipped sleeping bag

Laura Beth and Kate, seated, Ada on floor, and Scott standing, in the red shirt.

Okay, I'll admit, this grandmother seems to have been drawn to Luke images that morning. It was his pj's and slippers and Christmas morning demeanor that kept my camera on him.

I owe Ann and Steve a big apology for this gift to Ellie.

I saw it at Wal-mart. It is a cupcake maker designated for noone below 8 years of age...

b-b-b-but it looked like sooooo much fun!

This is my kitchen counter, but is Ann supervising making the cupcakes, while Sarah reads the instructions out loud. Ann was soooo tired by that time. Do all mom's remember that feeling???? the exhaustion that has built up and hit an all time peak on Christmas Day???? Not to mention that Ann is 1 month from her due date - well, almost 1 month. Practically one month.

I remember that kind of Christmas. 3 of my girls were born about 1 1/2 month after Christmas Day. Double dose of tired. We almost had to carry Ann on a stretcher to the car, for them to go home. They did that and I think all 4 crashed that afternoon. Well, Ann and Luke did. Ellie didn't, therefore Steve didn't. He allowed Ann the sleeptime.

And now, the pictures below are of Ada.

She napped at my house and this is an extreme version of how her hair looks when she wakes up

Laura Beth, Scott and Ada returned to McDonough, GA that afternoon.

We all did a little winding down.

Ann, Steve, and the children returned to our house for our final planned meal - deli sandwiches, potato salad, layered dip, and layered salad. Again, all very good and all went home.

Today is today. December 26 - and that is what we've done without all the extra details - and why I haven't been posting each day.

Time to move on.

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Stephanie said...

Merry Christmas!!! It was wonderful seeing all of you on SKYPE!!! We are loving it, now if I can just get a shower and makeup so that I look half way normal when I talk to people. LOL We all had that "just waked up" look as well!! :) Love you all and wish you a happy new year!!!