Monday, December 29, 2008

Regarding the Post Earlier in the Day

It's much later in the day - I've been working steadily to take down Christmas Decorations. I've gotten everything down and in the dining room - to be packed away. Well, the tree isn't "undressed" yet.

So - a little typing now - to make some comments about diary entries in the earlier post, this morning.

1st: I wrote that we went to my grandmother's in Troy. That was her last Christmas. I don't remember much about that trip - which makes me a little sad - I have such vivid, detailed memories of so many things - and then it's so random about what I can't recall - the brain is so unusual and what we remember - well, there seems to be no rhyme or reason.

2nd: I wrote that my boyfriend came over - well - I remember that. After church that Sunday he came up to me with much enthusiasm and said, "I'll see you in a little bit at your house!!!". I remember that and I remember being very confused. I didn't know what he was talking about. I immediately confronted my mother and asked her to explain. Seems his parents had something that afternoon and had asked if David could stay at our house. I was mortified! I did NOT like that idea at all and did not want the school/church boyfriend world colliding with my
at home/neighborhood world. I just didn't think that was a good idea at all. Mom assured me it would be fine and she already knew I wouldn't like it, but had not been able to decline when Mrs. Whatley requested it. You might note that my cousin Rachel came over also. I think I remember making that request - as in, I can't just have him coming over - it would be too weird. So, Rachel, who would have been in the 3rd grade, was very willing to join the party. I also talked with Mother ahead of time and requested that she and daddy please not be too quick to scold about anything - It wasn't like they were tyrants. I just was trying to cover my bases. I recall that David was a rather hyper little boy and we played outside a lot that day. He just did not fit in my neighborhood with our usual neighborhood stuff. I recall a lot of running and loud crazy screaming - it just didn't fit at all. Rachel seemed to be enjoying herself. She was a rather rough and tumble little girl and liked all the rough antics. I was so glad when it was over. Some girlfriend I was, huh. Weird that that was how I spent Christmas Eve that year. I don't recall that it was very cold.

3rd: I wrote that Susan Ashcraft stayed with us while Mother and Daddy went to a party. Let me just say that Mother and Daddy were NOT party people. I can almost remember the few times they did that. Actually, I think they probably needed to party a little more than they did - unwind a bit. Daddy would have, I think - but Mom just wasn't into it. Which, honestly, I think us moms just get tired. We start out one way - and all the responsibility for the little lives and the physical exertion of everything just wears us down. Plus all the emotional attachment to the well being of our babies - there's a need to stay close to home. Anyway, I think Susan Ashcraft was probably 4 years older than I - so she would have been in the 9th grade. Mary Ann was in the 7th. She lived next door to us - so I'm sure it was just to have an extra person there. I wish I knew what party Mother and Daddy were going to.

4th: All the entries about playing with friends on my street. You see that I invited Jeannie B. over. She was my age, her sister Susan was Mary Ann's age. All our lives we were such good friends. I've written about them before in my blog. This summer, when I talked with Marilyn that day, I also talked with Jeannie - so much fun to reconnect. Jeannie lives by herself at Innerarity Point - between Pensacola and Orange Beach. Marilyn lives in Pensacola. Anyway, Susan and Jeannie lived across town(again, Evergreen wasn't and isn't a big town) on Main St. , in the rich, old money section of Evergreen - every town has that. Playing in her yard, on her street was as unique an experience as was my street. It was just all different and a different location. Marilyn, too, had a very unique old house and lived in another part of town - again - I know both of their houses and property so well. But Jeannie B. told me, when she and Susan were elementary age, that they called our street the happy street. Because there were so many kids on it, to play with. There were. We were all over Williams Street - in every yard - playing, playing, playing.

Okay - those are all the comments I have about those entries.

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