Saturday, December 27, 2008

When It's Over, It's Over - or - You Can Get Too Much of Ice Cream

My grandmother, Ella, used to say that about anything wonderful - "You can get too much of ice cream" - Overload, Too much of a good thing, burnout -

On December 26 I am ready for all the red and green to come down - but it does take a while. One year I went nuts and put everything up on Christmas Day. I didn't even plan to do it, but I got started and didn't stop until my house looked like it did before the decorations.

My blog looks different for now - it's not going to stay this way - but it's my January look - January is a unique month - as we all know - we can make it cozy and not so bleak. We can enjoy the elements that force us inside, or that make us appreciate the comforts of indoors. Cabin fever is a serious threat - but all the hope(the biblical kind, which means we know for certain the thing will happen) of spring. Those earliest shoots and green leaves. It won't be long.

In our family the earliest little blossom will come in February - Andrew Bailey Barber is due to arrive on February 8. Can't wait for that! Praying all goes well.

Sarah and Kate have a friend coming today - so I am not going to write anymore - I need to do a bit of tidying up and changing sheets - I know it's not January yet - but it isn't Christmas, anymore, either. 2009 is less than a week away.

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