Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Birthday of John

The Day of John's Birth, in Pictures
How It All Looks in Labor & Delivery when Mom Has Had an Epidural and We're Anticipating No Complications, but Then There Are a Few
First thing I look at after seeing that my daughter is comfortable
I always cry when I see this.
It means that this hospital understands the reality, and embraces it,
that my grandchild is about to be delivered into this world.

The endless supply,
the continuing need and supply of
Familiar Images Labor & Delivery

Those blessed contractions, when deadened by the Epidural


Resting while the body labors 


Those Rubber Gloves, or whatever they are made of.
Gotta Love Em!


What Dads do, besides sleep, when their wives have had an epidural.


And if you want to go back and look at all the contractions,
well, there's the printout.


Now they're getting even more serious about the birth of this grandbaby of mine!


It's like a throne for this precious little John.
They had one for Ellie, one for Luke, one for Ada, and one for Andrew.
Now this for John. 


Auntie Ann has just arrived, with Ellie who is in the waiting room with Sarah and Ada, who have both also just gotten to the hospital from McDonough - 45 min. away.  Ann has driven 3 hours.

All smiles because she finally is getting ready to push,
and very very ready - (psst. there had been major urges to do this - she practically had been holding her legs together to keep John in, per the staff's instructions)

Delivery folks getting it all ready - soooo exciting.

We're getting there, but not quite - just a couple more contractions they tell her.

An ecstatic Dad - and emotional.
We've already all gotten a peek at the top of his head, with black hair, and it's true - there is a John Thomas Moore in there.

Bummer - once again, as with Ada, they had to call in the NICU, or Nicky Team,
due to the presence of Meconium (newborn poopie) in the fluid.


Mommy and Baby before he has to go to Transitional Nursery.
They've told them there might be something else going on besides the Meconium.
Breathing isn't right.


Emotional Bye Bye to Baby John - they really do need to go ahead and take him up to the NICU


But Scott's Family did get to see him before he went up.


and then we stared and stared and stared through the window,
only Laura Beth was still stuck in her bed until the Epidural wore off.
and trying to remember that brief moment with her newborn.


But then last night, she could visit him whenever she wanted up in NICU
But so much between them and so wanting to embrace him and nurse him.


Look how healthy he REALLY is.  
All those things make it look otherwise and the fact that he is in NICU with a perforated lung.
But - he REALLY is VERY Healthy.

And his little breathing tent over his head.
After looking at these pictures Ada was walking around with a clear plastic box over her head.
That Ada!

But today, I'm told, they've bathed him and taken the thing from over his head
Okay - in terms of an update - this post is waaaaay behind on the facts.
LB just called as I was typing the last sentence - John is greatly improved today -
the perforation is closed up - they will leave the teensy weensy tube in until tomorrow.
Laura Beth will stay as long as she can tomorrow and we have every reason to expect to bring him home on Friday.  That is the latest.
Sarah has great pictures of him cleaned up.
Perhaps Scott or LB will blog about the newest info.

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Mary Ann said...


Thanks sooooooo much for the update and for the pictures. I went to both Scott's and Sarah's blogs, but neither of them have posted anything new yet.

Mary Ann