Thursday, February 4, 2010

Waiting with Ada on February 4, 2010

Ada, and Luke, but he's at school, LOVE to retrieve whatever is coming out of my printer. I was working on my calendars which I keep on my refrig. door. It's four months of our life, always, in front of our eyes - and I use my software to "color" up the visuals a bit. I was working on that and Ada waited to pull out what the printer would "spit" out.I hear it. It's coming.

Getting close.

There it is!

Here is what she is standing on. A stack which is a project waiting on me. My recipes. Organized but I want them more organized. It's a box with a thick binder on top and then a leftover Ee from John's project.
It all makes a great "step stool". Waiting on more to be printed.
And deciding to dance to the little rhythm of the printer.
Wait! I think it's getting through.

And now....lunch with Ada.
Pasta - but really enriched pasta.

cooked with olive oil and then I added butter.
Plus Mandarin Oranges.
She inhales them.

Antics - at lunch.
Retrieving a dropped pasta.

Working really hard with that fork,
to get that pasta.

Using the hand, just a little.

And talking to Near all at the same time.

Still after it.
She ate a good lunch and is talking up a storm.
But then, all of a sudden,
she rubbed her eye and said,
"That's sca-wee(scary)".
and I said, (from behind the camera)
"What's scary?!"

And she pointed to this.

Of course that's scary.
I agree and don't know what the big hype is about Avatar - although I haven't seen the movie - but the characters look awful - especially the ones that were in the Happy Meals at McDonalds. Ugh. Didn't like those.

Oh - it rained again today.
glad we had yesterday's sunshine.

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LB said...

oh, I am just soaking up these pictures. I can't wait to see her.