Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

Charlie has come and gone.

Ada and I are here at the house, by ourselves.  Hopefully getting ready for John's homecoming.  Not sure.

Laura Beth, Scott and Sarah have travelled into Atlanta to the hospital - and before they left, the hospital called asking if they would be willing for a home health nurse to give John his antibiotics at home today and tomorrow.  They of course were so exctied so answered with an emphatic yes - but forgot to ask if that meant a sure thing for John's discharge today.  We're keeping our fingers crossed and immediately began doing last minute things for last minute preparations. 

So - they're gone and will call me to let me know what they find out. 

If not today, then we can count on tomorrow, barring an earthquake or tsunami or some other unexpected catastrophic thing - in other words, all things remaining the same, we will have John by at least tomorrow - and then the pictures will "begin again".

Happy Valentines today - I wish you lots of flowers and candy without calories or tummy aches and valentines floating all over the place - plenty of red and pink and white - and people who love you and adore you - lots of secret admirers - lots of unsecret admirers - lots of whatever you would find comforting and soothing - and if you don't have many of what I just listed???  This is what you have -

The God of creation who loved and loves you beyond your wildest imaginations - who went through the severest of severe trials and suffering just to have you within Him and He within you, the eternal everlasting embrace.  Say yes, say yes, say yes - and you have the eternal love that will redeem and protect and secure and sustain.  He will hold you within the palm of his hands, you can dwell in the shadow of His Almightyness.
He is the Lover of your soul.  He is.

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