Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Three Things

1. It's Andrew's Birthday today - but his mom will talk about that - however -

these pictures were taken last week at my house and he absolutely loves the piano which is in my house - he really does sing if Sarah is playing it - and he can hardly stay away from it. I hope that means he's got the music gene....who knows?

2. I finished the pieces for John's room -
using the stuff from his bedding (the elephant piece is identical to what's in his room's bedding - so I played off of that) As I was in my art studio cleaning up a bit from finishing last night - the phone rang - it was LB - after her call I had a brain storm - and called her back.

By the way - these are the panels Sarah taught me how to make - to have a surface to paint on - I really like the concept and working with the wood - these are wooden panels - about a 1 1/2 inch depth.
3. My Brainstorm was .....
Laura Beth and I met each other in Cartersville, GA and I retrieved Ada - I guess she'll be with me until the delivery date - or until Laura Beth can't stand it without her - whatever comes first - just giving Laura Beth a break - and I'm thinking Scott, too.

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