Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Do You Even Care?

......that I'm in Evergreen, AL and what I'm doing here?

maybe not but it's what I'm writing about.  If you read the previous post - I was continuing my Thankful list - and I guess this is like one big thankful thing for today's experiences.

Remember I mentioned that my 3rd born, Sarah, was traveling from New Orleans to meet me here in Evergreen - it's more accurate to say that I was and am meeting her here. I'm her helper.  She's been invited to show her artwork in the local bank.

And did you read this post of mine written back in September?    I met a group from Evergreen at the home of my cousin-in-law or cousin by marriage or just a good friend from high school days and from days before either of us were born - our mothers swapped pregnant stories while they each carried us.

There's a group picture in that  post of mine  and in that picture is Martha - the lady to whom I refer in the above paragraph.  Also in that group picture is my Aunt Mary and Cousin Melissa and a new friend/old acquaintance who is the President and owner of the Bank here in town.  She is the 4th generation presiding over this bank and it is all a very unique story - but it is in this bank where Sarah is displaying her artwork for 2 days.

So - today I did what I came to do.  I helped Sarah set up her art pieces.   The location of this bank is now in what used to be our Pix Theatre.  We called it, "The Picture Show".  I always went to "the picture show".  Many, many times.  When I was old enough to be dropped off - Mother or Daddy did just that....dropped us off.  Movies were safe.  Theaters (picture shows) were safe.  And I loved it.  I saw all those old Disney movies here - all those old Jerry Lewis movies - all those old Gidget movies - let's see what else? Oh - lots of Doris Day movies -  but back to today.

We got a grand tour of the remodeling of this building and I loved it.  They absorbed  the buildings which had adjoined the old Pix and those establishments had been The City Cafe and The Shoe Store and Western Auto.  On the walls were enlarged photos of very old scenes.  I loved loved loved it.  She also had brought from the original bank building, which itself is such a memory and such an old Evergreen establishment/building, she had brought a lot of the old marble from the walls and the wall attachments which had held the bank deposit slips and such - also providing a writing surface for making transactions.

Let me show you my pictures:  I just happen to have a few.  :-)

Below is Sarah right after we'd "set up".
In the background are the teller windows which were brought over from the former Bank building.

Nell, new friend, bank president, had these display panels built.
They worked great!  Pretty, classy, and functional!

Sarah as she talks with Mary Ann and Nell while I take pictures,
with Nell's permission.  I didn't know if there was a bank law against taking pictures in a bank.

More pieces displayed on Sarah's portable table and my brown table cloth 
from Laura Beth's and Scott's rehearsal dinner.

Wall attachment from the old Bank building and the marble below the crown molding.

These are light fixtures from the Theater - I remember these well!

A portrait of Nell's great great grandfather and below the portrait, his old desk.
History and relics really "do it for me".  I hate to use the word, love, again - so I need to think of other extreme adjectives which express my interest in this sort of preservation.

This is, well, shall we call it a desk  -  no  - well - it's a piece of furniture.
That's for sure.  Was found in the basement of the old Bank Building - but -
Nell explained that it came from an old Evergreen dry goods store named I. Long and Sons.
The Longs were a successful Jewish family who resided in Evergreen in the early 1900's.  It was here that my grandfather worked when he was first married to my grandmother.  He later established his own men's clothing store, named "Northcutt's".  He was Elbert Northcutt.  

Old handouts/programs/ads/coming attraction lists from The Pix Theater.
We were always anxious to get these to see what would be coming soon.

That's it.  That's all I have.  It was a delightful morning.  Nell served us coffee in a Bank of Evergreen mug which we were allowed to take home.  Fun.  People were in an out of the bank and I was able to see them and say hello - had to make a run to Salter's Hardware - for peg board holder things - owner is Gerald Salter - went to high school and church with him - saw him.   While there in came another old high school acquaintance and we said our hellos after so many years.  After the bank, Mary Ann, Sarah and I ate lunch at Famous Floyd's - saw 5 or 6 familiar faces - one being a lady who is in her late 90's and is sharp as a tack.  We spoke - she told the lady she was sitting with, "that's Edith and Frank Wilkerson's daughter - you know, he was the band director".  Gee - I don't get labeled as that anymore.  I'm usually Ann or Laura Beth's or Sarah's or Kate's mother....or Charlie's wife..... very seldom just Elizabeth in a crowd.  I'm somebody's somebody.  I'm good with it.  No hangups about that.  I was warmed deep inside today being referred to as Edith and Frank's daughter.   Famous Floyd's is owned by Floyd.  His daughter was in my class so I asked all about her.  I saw the younger brother of another classmate - asked all about her.  On the way home we saw Mary and Melissa (Aunt and Cousin) - and they followed us to Mary Ann's house for a brief visit before all 3, Mary Ann, Melissa and Mary went to the Music Club.  They were in charge of refreshments and, I think, the program.  Not sure.  It's a busy day for Mary Ann.

I brought a box of Sand Mountain Sweet Potatoes to my uncle, John Law.  He loves them like Charlie and I do.  We get these from one particular man at the farmer's market.  They are the best!

So - that was my morning in Evergreen - it was "made to order".  Couldn't have been better.  I wish I had more of these - but I'm blessed with all my mornings in Scottsboro.  Whole different world and life.

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