Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's Tuesday Already

and a very rainy Tuesday.

I'm glad.  I like the coziness of indoors.  I like the way car tires sound on wet pavement as a car goes by all along - It all sounds active and busy - but I'm inside - I like it.  If my camera was not out at Ann's house  (no fault of hers, nor mine - just circumstances) I would take a picture and show you our sugar maple in the front yard.  It's changing all the time now - leaves are falling - they're on the tree and on the ground - it's all wet - so it's glowing today.  It really is.

So, yesterday, on my way to Huntsville, about 15 minutes west on 72 - my 95 Corolla which I drive and have grown very fond of - well - it broke down as I was talking to Laura Beth.  It wouldn't have but it needs oil more frequently that I am aware of - Charlie postponed putting it in - not knowing I would be traveling - and well - no oil - sad engine.  We had to have it towed and looks like what we've been putting off will have to happen - a new used car.  As all of this was happening and later when we met the tow truck to have it towed - I wished for my camera - so - I could take pictures and post about it - then I thought - "silly - don't start posting about your corolla and all of that and having it towed - please think of something else"  -  I dismissed that notion.

Well - it just so happens that the writer of one of my favorite and very creative blogs did post, today,   that just the other day her car broke down and she happens to be a great photographer and lives on the west coast - she took beach pictures while she waited for the tow truck.

So I'll  refer you to her blog post  for a good post written around the breaking down of cars.  I also like the other honest things she writes about - she has two sons - one is recovering from open heart surgery.  His name is David.  Her youngest son is Mattie.  She makes jewelry and take pictures and is creative with fashion.  I look forward to her posts.

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LB said...

oh no, the corolla!! Such a vivid memory, I have, of driving that corolla--ALL BY MYSELF--back to the highschool after I took my driver's test. A pivotal moment in the life of a teenager, and now, it may have seen the last of its driving days.