Friday, November 19, 2010

Okay - this is it

tomorrow is the first wave of "thanksgiving".

Laura Beth, Scott, Ada and John will arrive some time around midday - I'm guessing.

Remember those sleepy pictures I showed on the last post?  I could post them again - only this time it's the night time kind of sleepy - and I am probably about to turn in.

Charlie is about to go to the grocery store - the Wal-Mart batch of Thanksgiving groceries.  In the morning he's getting the Food World batch - that's right - he likes to do the grocery shopping - and I guess at this stage of our life - I like for him to, also.  There will be so much going back to the store - I'll be there, too.

Kate arrives on Monday - and there we are.

I made cranberry sauce today with fresh cranberries.  I usually buy it in the can.  That was the whole cranberry sauce.   I'm also going to try making some jellied cranberry sauce.  We like both in this household.

I cooked chicken today and used lots of celery and onion - for the broth - good, seasoned, homemade broth.  for Thanksgiving.  And now I have cooked chicken in my freezer.  That's always great for last minute Chicken yummies - like Chicken Pie, Chicken Casserole, Chicken Salad, Chicken 'n Dumplins - or soup.

Here's to the season - I see John and Ada tomorrow.

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LB said...

we can't wait to get there!! Today Ada said, "guess what tomorrow is?" and I am thinking she will say, Near's house, instead, she YELLS, "Christmas!!!" I was like, well, let's hope not b/c we would have missed the entire Christmas season. We cleared up her confusion quickly!!!