Monday, November 22, 2010

No Thanksgiving Week Is Complete Without.....

an unexpected trip to the pediatrician!!!

This picture is also on Laura Beth's blog post.

We're all using it - it's so great and such a usual baby smile, but not for John.

I've seen John - I know he's happy - he just doesn't effervesce that much.

He's constantly "studying" things and that's serious business - so he can't issue so many smiles - but given the proper antics - he can be amused.  We can't wait to see how this all plays out in his toddler temperament as well as the preschool and early school years.

Anyway .....  John woke up with a crusted eye and redness .... he's just recovered from Pink Eye - and here it was - back again - after phone calls to his pediatrician (couldn't refill prescription without seeing him) I called our family friend and former pediatrician to my adult daughters and present pediatrician to Ann's children - He could see him at 11:15.  We had 45 minutes for 3 adults and 2 children to be dressed and ready and in the car.  We were running around like crazy - but we made it.

Already we'd planned a trip to Huntsville - just not so early - so it made for a longer day than anticipated.

Naps in car seats just aren't the same as naps in beds.  But we did it.

All the while Kate was traveling home from Winston Salem - a seven hour drive.  

Laura Beth, Scott, John, Ada and I met Ann, Steve, Ellie, Luke and Andrew at 5:00 at Taziki's in Huntsville for dinner.  It was fun - chaotic but laughable and a memory to add to our repertoire.  Kate was planning to join us - but she stayed in Scottsboro - choosing not to add another hour to her 7 hour trip - When we returned home I rode with her to a local restaurant and the two of us visited.

Did I mention that Charlie left for Point Clear yesterday, after church?

Charlie, come home!  He'll be here on Wednesday with his mother.

So - phase 2 of Thanksgiving Week has begun.

Kate is home.  We miss Sarah, but she gets a week with us at Christmas!

How is your Thanksgiving week progressing?

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